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Written on July 21, 2016 by Campus Life in Other Activities

pérez encinasAntes del IE, era una persona con experiencia profesional, pero con una mente muy estrecha, trabajaba movido por la intuición, tomando las decisiones en función de lo que parecía siempre la mejor opción. Gracias al IE he adquirido muchos de los conocimientos que ahora fundamentan todas esas decisiones, gracias al IE estoy creciendo a nivel profesional y he abierto mi mente, pero sobre todo gracias al IE he crecido como persona y esto es gracias a mis compañeros, que a lo largo del curso pasaron a ser amigos y que mañana cuando nos  graduemos serán parte de mi familia.

Pero además gracias al IE he conocido a la persona de la que hoy estoy enamorado y con la que quiero compartir mi futuro.

Sin duda la mejor experiencia de mi vida, en el mejor año de mi vida.”

Jose Luis Perez Encinas – EMBA Octubre 2015



Volunteering at MoneyConf

Written on July 20, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

moneyconfThis June, a group of IE students had the opportunity of volunteering for MoneyConf, a place that showcases the latest innovations in fintech. Around 80 startups showing innovations for new ways of saving, lending and investing using data, digital currencies and social experiences were there to pitch more than 100 investors. In the event, where more than 1500 people attended, leading banks and financial institutions such as MasterCard, Santander Bank, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Western Union and BBVA, among others were present. moneyconf3

The great thing about this event, is how startups are the main attraction and the leading banks such as BBVA and Santander play a supporting role, continuing to be the biggest players, but allowing each new business and their entrepreneurs to shine with their breakthrough ideas.

The CEO of BBVA, Carlos Torres Vila mentioned at the event how startups play an important role in the shaping of the industry. On the other hand, Mark Mullen, CEO of Atom Bank who also attended MoneyConf, mentioned in an interview with BBVA, that the convenience for the customer that these startups offer is what makes them very attractive, because of the easy and innovative customer experience. This shows that a collaboration between startups who focus on the consumer and the leading banks who have the industry knowledge is key in the future of the financial world. It is the big banks who are supporting innovation, while entrepreneurs from around the world are trying to make a change in how people save, invest, pay and borrow money to grow their businesses. moneyconf4

At MoneyConf we were able to clearly observe how finance is using trending technologies to solve financial needs. Clear examples are the startup 4andgo which introduced Chances, an app that uses BigData to help users launch their company, and BitMari, another startup that helps people liberate transactions using BitCoin, giving users a cheaper way to send money back to Africa.moneyconf2


MoneyConf, is organized by the WebSummit, a leading startup fair and technology event. Both of these events are arenas where startups, investors, and the technology industry as a whole can grow together.



By: Diana Oyaga

 Twitter: Di_O


Bringing Home The Medals from MBAT!

Written on July 18, 2016 by Campus Life in Sports

IESE Spring Games was an incredible warm up for us. With a team that had never played before we learned each other’s rhythms and built a sense of team chemistry. The biggest part of a team is learning how we congeal and gel together –supporting each other against the defense.

Football2At IESE Spring Games- it was the ultimate Road To MBAT to illuminate where we were and what we still needed to work on. When we were at The Spring Games we were cheering and singing our anthem of Instituto De Empressa. It was such a strong and distinct cheer that a large troop of LBS students decided to sing along with us whenever we were playing. Our cheers were contagious and it put us on a high for MBAT.Football4Football3

MBAT was a sports tournament unlike any other with hundreds of students from around Europe. We had two teams compete so that all of the girls had a lot of playing time. Both teams rolled through to the Semi-finals! One team ended up playing for 3rd place in an intense penalty shootout ended up 4th place in the entire tournament. Hundreds of IE Students were crowding around rushing the field after every kick. The rush and adrenaline were unlike anything else with the IE chants booming. Even the group of LBS students who we had met earlier at IESE Games came out to cheer and chant our song with us. Our second team plowed through to the finals and ended up 2nd place in another Penalty kick shootout.

The IE teams stood together with the men and women’s teams completely united and supporting each other through wins!! Our men’s team also took home a medal.

Our collaboration and synchronization of our men and women’s teams are what drove us to be a very decorated team of medals. It has been an honor and pleasure to see such strong team camaraderie and cheering.


IE Football Club Activities

Written on July 18, 2016 by Campus Life in Sports

This year the Womens football team started a new initiative. It was time to find the synergies between the men and womens teams and unite them to become one unit.

As a former NCAA athlete, we used to do everything as the men and women’s teams. The spirit was higher, the fan base was larger, and the learning potential was  exponential. Spearheaded by the coordinators of the men and women’s teams (Ariel Krieger, Nadine Hayed, Ale , Robert Casner, Shaun Andry, and Luis Morales), We started putting in place some new programs. Among the programs implemented to unite the team were the following:

  1. Men’s coordinators coachfootball1ing women’s team – weekly
  2. E-mail reminders each week to drive participation
  3. Invitations to eachother’s practices
  4. Special happy hour meet and greets
  5. The first Soccer party hosted by men and women’s teams
  6. Traveling together to our first tournament together at Spring Games
  7. Cheering support across MBAT

We launched the initiative with our coaching  Sundays. Each week the men’s team would send 1-3 players as our coaches. On Sunday we would bring a group of women out to practice and would work on drills, technique, fitness, and then scrimmage. Not only did this bring our teams together but it help our teams responsible for making a commitment and showing up. This became even more enhanced when we made the decision to compete in the IESE Spring Games Tournament with 150 of the IE Sports community and fans. This was going to be our first tournament that we traveled together to and trained for together. Our team improved rapidly.


After a few weeks of coaching we hosted our first Happy Hour event. We set up a mingling and mixing event at our local bar Zitty. We had Happy Hour specials and brought everyone together.

It was at this point that wee started planning for the first combined Men and Women’s Soccer Party. We implemented a few fun elements to differentiate ourselves. We had Jameson as a special guest come to Callejon de Serrano, we auctioned off jerseys and raffles, and it was a theme arty – where everyone wore their favorite soccer jersey out.

The success of the event  helped fuel the first stop to our first soccer tournament together hosted in Barcelona- the IESE Spring Games.


Mister President? Yes You Can !

Written on July 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional

How would it feels like to be Obama for a day ? You’d rather be Steve Jobs ? Unless you’re more of a Gandhi kind of person ?ps5

On 27th May, our dedicated members have set the bar higher than ever, by puting themselves in the shoes of the Best Speakers of all times !

President Obama’s victory speech, Steve Jobs’ cancer public announcement, Nelson Mandela’s first speech after 27 years in jail… A little bit of tension, a great dose of concentration and a high amount of acting… that’s all it took to our amazing participants  to jump in and revisit these classicals with success.

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