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Chinese Café: Discover China

Written on December 1, 2016 by Campus Life in Geographic, Other Activities, Social

chinese-cafe17th November, IE China Club organized the first event of the year, at María de Molina 4. Our participants came from different programs of IE University, including students from Segovia campus. Throughout this event, China Club promoted Chinese culture and shared the latest economic phenomenon about China.

The event started by welcome message and China Club’s activities plan of upcoming year by the newly on board IE China Club president Un I Wong. The project leader Shuai Shen, presented the event and introduced our team of Chinese teachers to participants, every participant was assigned a “learning buddy” during this academic year.

Afterwards, participants were invited to join a quiz about interesting facts of Chinese economy and society. In the next part, the vice-president Sirui Huang did a presentation about Chinese online influencer and their business model.

During the event, our club prepared traditional Chinese tea and snacks to all the participants and showed the authentic Chinese art of calligraphy as a gift to participants.


US Elections: What’s next?

Written on November 24, 2016 by Campus Life in Geographic, Professional, Social

us-electionsThe results of the US elections on November 8th were to many spectators and voters, especially among the young and middle aged constituencies, quite surprising and possibly even shocking. The so called ideological divide created during the campaign and the uncertainty of the policies of the new President-elect have created a vast confusion and left many of even specialist wandering how will the trajectory of the US politics both internal and that of the foreign affairs change in the wake of the elections and the new Presidency…Considering the still pivotal role of the US in international matters of security, trade, development and many others, how will the world in large respond, if it will react at all, to what seems to be (at least at face value) a turn back to the good old American isolationism and protectionism. Are we seeing a “right” turn in the moods of the US population following suit of the previous Brexit and other populist movements in Europe and elsewhere?

All these questions warranted comprehensive and critical analysis and in that sense, it was perfect occasion for the IE International Relations Club to organize its first event of the academic year in an attempt to start the dialogue among the IE community about the consequences of the US elections. The event which took place on November 15th at IE, asked the question of “what’s next” and also how we got there. It featured two keynote speakers – Dr. Daniel Kselman, Academic director of the MIR, who focuses in his research on democratization, economic development and political governance and Dr. Eliah Bures, who investigates intellectual conservatism as international movement. The panelist invited us to review the historical similarities of the populism’s rise in the US before with the current situation, the economic and social realities of the US in the last few decades, the overall change in global political attitudes, in an effort to understand the possible underlying causes of the results we saw. While further offering their expertise in the exploration of the practical policy decisions that the new administration will take, casting, for example doubt, on the possibility of immediate dismantling of trade deals already in place, however warning at the same time of the possibility of deterioration of the political tolerance and atmosphere in the US.  

The event then transformed rapidly into a very high quality debate with all the participants and spectators which allowed to really dig dip on the subject and review it from multiple perspective. The interest and the academic passions shown by all the participants carried the event well past the original scheduled one and a half hour and really made the conversation memorable. It was really amazing to see our fellow students and other invited guests to express unique and comprehensive perspectives and to engage with our distinguished panelist in a critical and truly collaborative discussion in not just trying to review the individual aspects but to build a holistic understanding of the issues revealed during and after the US elections and further to offer ways on how to address later what seems to become an immense field of policy debate and analysis.

IE International Relations Club would like to thank Dr. Kselman and Dr. Bures, all the guest and participants, the Campus Life team for not just making this first event possible, but making it a success! We hope this to be just first of many interesting and notable events to come from the IE International Relations Club!

Alejandro Pereda Shulguin

International Relations Club


Club election process

Written on October 11, 2016 by Campus Life in Geographic, Other Activities, Professional, Social, Sports

Banner fair week 1920_1080 v2Election period

The election period will start on October 10th, right after the Club Fair. The exact dates are provided in the document “Election Schedule”.

All members of an IE Club who are currently studying at IE or are partners of IE students, are allowed to raise their candidatures in order to occupy vacant positions in the Board of the club in question.

The maximum number of clubs in which a current IE student/partner can be a coordinator is two.



Club coordinators: 6 rules to remember

  1. The clubs are allowed to have a maximum of 6 coordinators.
  1. 3 member of the current board can stay for the next term of office. The names of the coordinators staying should be sent to before 11:59 pm on Saturday, October 15th. Please remember that you always have to leave at least 3 positions available for new students to apply for.
  1. New students can send their self-nominations (DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE) for the clubs of their interest during the same week (from October 10th to 15th at 11:59 pm). The completed nomination forms should be sent to Campus Life will share the candidatures with the corresponding Club Boards no later than October 18th.
  1. If the total number of potential coordinators (the members of the board staying for the next term of office + new candidates) is less or equal to 6 after 11:59 pm on October 15th, no elections will be required and the 3 new candidates will be announced members of the new board of the club. In case the total number of new candidates is less than 3, more members of the previous board can stay for the next term of office, always given that the total number coordinators is not higher than 6.
  1. If the total number of potential coordinators (the members of the board staying for the next term of office + new candidates) is higher than 6, the club will have to organize elections in order to determine the new board. The members from the previous board who are staying for the next term of office do not have to participate in the elections, their seats in the new board are automatically assigned.
  2. The names of all the Coordinators elected should be officially communicated to Campus Life office for the formal approval and update of the database of Club Boards and no later than October 30th.


Elections: 2 rules to remember

  1. In case the elections are necessary, the clubs are requested to conduct them in a free, transparent and fair manner. Selecting the most appropriate system for the election is the sole responsibility of the current Club Coordinators, always given that the system is participatory and democratic.
  1. Dismissal of the Board: IE Campus Life has the authority to dismiss a Coordinator or the whole Board if there are proofs of violation of IE Ethics Code or the principles, values or norms contained in this guide.

In both cases (if no elections are necessary or if the elections were held) the roles of the members of the new board can be freely decided by new coordinators and should be communicated to Campus Life no later than the dates indicated in “Election Schedule” document.


Be coordinator of IE Lebanon Club by Mohamed Daher

Written on July 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Geographic

One year ago I arrived to Madrid, a city new to me from all aspects whether its language, culture, people, food, streets and transportation. The feeling of being in a place knowing no one and having no one to rely on was overwhelming and that’s where I met Nizam. Nizam introduced himself as a Lebanese student from a previous intake and a President of what he called The IE Lebanon Club. At first it sounded to me like a group of people where I could finally speak my mother tongue and who could show me where to find my favorite food, shortly after I realized that it would be my new family for the year to come.

During this year and as a member of the IE Lebanon Club family and later its new president, I have gathered great memories and experiences from different activities and events that we have organized, planned and contributed. From arranging gatherings to our compatriots, helping new comers settling in, inviting Lebanese icons to share their experience, to contributing in parties and social events, we all worked hard to spread and recognize our culture.

Academic years finishes but the bonds we created through this club will linger through our life time. Wherever we will be we vow to continue spreading our traditions and supporting our compatriots however needed.  Thanks to IE and its amazing Campus life office now we have friends from around the world and we are happy that we have presented our country in the best way possible.

Again a student life without Campus life is no life at all, I urge all IEers whether they are current students or alumni to take part in campus life activities and join as many clubs as possible to leave a bright footprint for all the new intakes to come.


Global Village 2016

Written on July 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Geographic

_MA_2248Global Village 2016, on June 9th, has been a great experience, both for coordinators, Club members and the students who joined it! This yearly event, as the name itself evokes, is the recreation of a village market composed by any nationality stand providing typical food and folklore activities (maybe you can’t find all the nationalities and cultures of the world, but small size countries can have the loudest voice on stage, it’s all up to the willingness and the engagement of the Club members!).

Italy Club provided 5 kg of fresh typical mozzarella cheese types: smoked, di bufala and fresh bocconcini. We offered it on a stick with a cherry tomato and a cracker! Not only, it was a sunny and hot day, but nobody could resist from tasting a little piece of home made Lasagna or Parmigiana, a Sicilian dish made with aubergines, mozzarella cheese, Parmigiano and tomato sauce. A real délice!! Italy club’s board has tried also to make other students taste the famous Chili from Calabria but only two brave students tried it!!  The organisation of the entire day went smoothly, each coordinator had his or her own tasks, for logistics and PR especially, but we always helped each others in any occasions! The most remarkable thing? Serving food cut with scissors and a served with a tiny plastic fork because… we didn’t think about the cutlery to serve!!! And of course, we went around to check and try other stands dishes, enjoyed the folkloric shows and have fun!! Great initiative and great participation from students!!

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