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Any student who chooses IE for its entrepreneurship program dreams to get to Venture Day. IE chooses the best startups to pitch in front of investors and industry leaders. These startups are chosen by a panel of judges after being incubated in IE’s Venture Lab for almost three months. The judges believe the business plans presented have a chance of succeeding after students finish their respective programs. Reaching Venture Day is already an award itself. It means months of market research, surveys, pivots, negotiations and financial models. Making these startups happen while balancing school work and social life is hard. Add coordinating a club to that, and it makes it really tough.

My team’s project, Gastro Ventures, is a platform that combines a food hall and restaurant accelerator / venture builder. We want to bring in talented cooks and host them in our food court, help them build their concepts while they validate their ideas with the public, and finally launch their own ventures.  As coordinator of the Gastronomy Club, I had access to a series of leaders of the gastronomy ecosystem in Madrid. I used my networking skills to reach out to these contacts and ask them for help. People who I met through the club’s activities ended up being our mentors and helped us validate our final product. The fact that we had heavyweights involved in our project was an indicator of trust for investors.

Although we did not win Venture Day, Gastro Ventures was chosen as the crowd’s favorite project. For this, I thank the Campus Life team who are always so supportive of our initiatives and trusted us in all our crazy endeavors.

Ernesto Méndez Chiari
IE Gastronomy Club


Isabel Macías Núñez
Associate Director of Communications at IE Business School
From: Spain

After completing my Bachelor in Journalism, I decided to do a Master in Corporate Communication at IE because I thought it would equip me with further essential tools before joining the professional world. At the time I had no idea of how IE was going to change my life.

I have been passionate about reading and writing since I was a child. This passion has been extremely helpful in terms of personal development, as well as on a professional level. Hence, last year I was delighted to discover initiatives like the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities, which encouraged students and alumni to participate in a totally different form of competition to what is considered normal in business schools. After participating in last year’s edition, what really impressed me was meeting IE students from other programs, from other schools, with the same passion for prose, poetry, photography, video … It was wonderful to realize that there was also a place for us at IE.

I like to compare IE with literature because they have both offered me the option of traveling to unknown places, observing and learning from the behavior of people, and developing my creativity, among many other things.

Today, in a society that lives at a dizzying pace, I believe that the fact that IE promotes the humanities as a fundamental complement to business education is even more significant. I feel very fortunate to be part of a community with a strong commitment to the humanities. I am also very happy to be able to pursue my two passions in a place as dynamic, flexible and cool as IE!

Bio: Isabel holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Complutense University (Madrid) and a Master in Corporate Communication from IE School of Human Sciences and Techonlogy. Isabel currently works as an Associate Director of Communications at IE Business School. 


Sports accident insurance

Written on June 22, 2017 by Campus Life in Other Activities, Sports

(*Spanish version below)

As most of health insurances do not cover accidents that occur while practicing sports, we have negotiated a special insurance policy with ARTAI and Metropolis Seguros for those of you who are active in sports. IMPORTANT: the insurance is only valid for sports practiced as part of the activities of IE sports clubs or for representing IE in sports tournaments, both inside and outside of Spain (within the EU).

IMPORTANT: the insurance may not cover all sports practiced at IE. Please check the following list to make sure that sports you practice are listed. In case your sport does not appear on the list, you may need an additional insurance to be fully covered.

American football
Australian football
Basque pelota
Basque trinquete
body building
Canarian wrestling
cross-country race
field hockey
figure skating
go-kart racing
Greco-Roman wrestling
hand pilota
ice hockey
indoor soccer
jai alai
Leonese wrestling
motorboat racing
Olympic shooting
p adel
road cycling
Roller hockey (quad)
table tennis
track and field / athletism
track cycling
Valencian pilota

The insurance costs 99.63€/year and will cover you for a full year from the day of hiring the policy. Please note that the policy will be automatically renewed after one year, unless cancelled.

Download the following document for information on sign-up and withdrawal process and on what to do in case of an accident.

Please check the attached document for detailed coverage information (in Spanish). 

Como la mayoría de los seguros de salud no cubren los accidentes derivados de la práctica deportiva, hemos acordado una póliza de seguro especial con Seguros ARTAI y Metropolis para aquellos de vosotros que practicáis algún deporte. Es muy importante que tengáis en cuenta que el seguro sólo es válido para deportes practicados como parte de las actividades de los IE Clubs o para representar a IE en torneos deportivos, tanto dentro como fuera de España (dentro de la Unión Europea).

MUY IMPORTANTE: el seguro no cubrirá todos los deportes practicados en IE. Por favor, comprueba la lista para asegurarte que el deporte que practicas está en la lista. En caso de que tu deporte no aparezca en la lista, deberías contratar un seguro adicional para estar totalmente cubierto.

Cesta Punta
Ciclismo En Carretera
Ciclismo En Pista
Fútbol Americano
Fútbol Australiano
Fútbol Sala
Hockey Hielo
Hockey Hierba
Hockey Patines
Kung Fu
Levantamiento Piedra
Lucha Canaria
Lucha Leonesa
Lucha Greco-Romana
Patinaje Artístico
Pelota Valenciana
Tenis De Mesa
Tiro Con Arco
Tiro Olímpico

El seguro tiene un coste de 99.63 euros/año y la cobertura duraría un año desde el primer día de contratación de la póliza. Por favor, ten en cuenta que si no cancelas la póliza, ésta se renovará automáticamente.

Para más información sobre la contratación y cancelación o cómo proceder en caso de accidente, descárgate este documento.

Por favor, revisa el documento adjunto para conocer todos los detalles sobre la cobertura.


“In november 2016, we entered the franz. competition started by Camp Beckenbauer as team PowerPlay 8.  franz. is the first international student competition in sports, where students around the world have the opportunity to bring fresh ideas to shape the future of sports. The competition began in this fall and over over 250 students and 71 student teams had to create an innovative idea around this year’s topic “How to capture the Chinese consumer for your favorite sport?”

From Day-1 when we starting meeting and working on this project, we imeditaly set up some rules: let’s have fun, put our sport passion into this project and most importantly, be ready to give up on some drinks to finish working on our presentation and maximize our chances of winning (#GoHardOrGoHome). We were also very keen from the first stage to develop a disruptive and creative idea in order to stand out when the jury would review our presentation.

After some fun and intense brainstorming sessions, our team PowerPlay 8 decided to pitch with an innovative idea: a technological solution to grow Ice Hockey in China. Yes Ice Hockey sounded like a huge challenge for us, especially as Football and Basketball have already penetrated the Chinese sport markets. Beijing will be hosting the Winter Olympics in 2022 and the government is investing tremendously to be competitive in Ice Hockey. Our idea centers around integrating a performance tracking chip into the Ice Hockey stick and connecting it with the PowerPlay 8 app. The application doubles as a way to track individual performance on the ice, play virtual ice hockey games against other users, and offers Ice Hockey specific coaching tips centered around team play. We had some courses in the beginning of the year on Technology & Innovation Management and had discussed about new connected objects. We also did a lot of research and connected with sports experts from the IE Sport Management Club to develop the value proposition of our technology.

The competition encompassed two rounds, consisting of creating and explaining our innovative idea through first a powerpoint presentation and secondly a video. After being selected for the 1st and 2nd rounds in January, we were then invited to compete in the Finals at the Global Summit final in Berlin against two other student teams (from London Business School and Hong-Kong School of Business). The event was very exciting and represented a fantastic opportunity to present our idea in front of some of the leading experts in sports, including the famous Franz Beckenbauer! The presentation consisted of first showing our video and then giving a brief presentation on our idea. Due to our hard work, creativity, and will to succeed we were selected as the winning team at the Global Summit! We received a large check, a certificate, and recognition for our innovative idea to shape the world of sports!!

We encourage future students to keep an eye out for the franz. competition next year to Break the Ice as we did in Berlin!
All the best from PowerPlay 8!!”

Stephanie Posada, Shakee Messina, and Matt Fazekas & Meryl Zucco
IE MiM – September 2016 intake


Amanda Kelly
Associate Director of Communications at IE University
From: Saskatchewan, Canada

Before IE University, I worked in Montreal with Global News, a national TV broadcaster in Canada. In addition to reporting on news and writing, a big part of my role there was helping the team to transition to digital, which involved a complete mind-shift in terms of how stories were filed and how social media could be used to report and gather news. In fact, it’s this mind-shift that seems to be a constant in my life, personally and professionally – and it has been source of incredible challenges, frustration, excitement and joy!

I was born in Saskatchewan – a province in Canada that very few people can pronounce and even fewer have visited. In my early 20s, I moved to London, England, where I worked, first in television production and later with the newspaper, The Guardian. I returned to university to study art history at Cambridge and then started my own business – a recording studio. 

When I came to IE, I had been living in Spain for just a year and I have been amazed. IE offers an intellectual and entrepreneurial hub, with students and staff from Spain and across the globe. It brings together the most talented and interesting people in the country and provides so many interesting opportunities to exchange and grow. It really is a pleasure to communicate and share all the fascinating projects and innovative ideas that are developed here with the world.

Bio: Amanda was the web producer for Global News in Montreal, curating the news and covering local and provincial stories for from 2011-2015. She began her career in journalism at The Guardian and Observer in London, England, working on the then just-started Guardian Unlimited website while studying History of Art at Cambridge University. Passionate about culture, digital media and politics, she is currently the Associate Director of Communications at IE University in Madrid, Spain. 

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