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Mexican Party

Written on July 15, 2016 by Campus Life in Geographic, Other Activities

 On april 8th, 2016, the IE Mexico Club hosted one of the most epic events on history of IE. This gathering was held on Teatro Barceló, one of the most iconic clubs in Madrid, and hosted close to 500 people of the IE community.IMG_2187

The entire IE Mexico Club, and the Mexican community at IE, were extremely excited about this event, considering there had not been a mexican party on IE since 2012, therefore the expectations were high, and the whole mexican community wanted show, what a great and organized mexican club is capable of.

The tickets were sold on the launchpad during two weeks, thanks to all the help of IE campus life, always being in touch with the organizer, and helping them facilitate, all the diverse tools that are needed to create a great event linked to an international community, such as IE; and overall, the event created a very unique ambiance that brought together all the diverse programs and clubs inside IE.

People from all over the world were completely excited with this even happening, and participated in all the diverse contests and games organized by the IE Mexico club. In order to communicate the event effectively, social media activations, together with gifts and picture contests were celebrated, which added a lot to the expectations of the whole IE business school

The event was a complete success, thanks to the support of all the students, Teatro Barceló was completely filled, and everybody enjoyed diverse and, very cool activities during the party, including Mariachi music, mexican traditional dances, and diverse decorations.

We appreciate IE business school, and the whole IE community for supporting this great event.


Gender tension gap study – call for volunteers!

Written on July 7, 2016 by Campus Life in Other Activities

GTG TT#1 (4)The IE Center for Diversity is developing an innovative study focused to understand the unconscious barriers that prevent women leadership. The study entails a series of focus groups with young leaders.

For the resarch we are looking for MBA, IMBA and/or Executive MBA students and alumni to participate in a focus group.

This research is endorsed by Alcoa and Oak Foundation and has three IBEX partners, Ferrovial, Amadeus, Red Eléctrica and IBM as tech. Partner. We are sure that the scope of the study will have an important relevance in academic journals and generalist media but mostly will mean a review of gender leadership strategies at corporations.

Those who want to participate should sign up with their EMAIL ADDRESS.

If you are FEMALE, please sign up with your EMAIL ADDRESS here.

If you are MALE, please sign up with your EMAIL ADDRESS here.



My MBAT journey actually started in February with an audition. We were all excited about the audition as dance club coordinators and we all wanted to find dancers who were going to represent IE in MBAT. Even though I was a coordinator, I also competed with everyone to get in to the team and at the end we created our dream team. It was exciting to meet with so many new and good dancers there.salsa5

salsa2During these months I was in the second term of my MBA and it was getting harder every day. It was impossible for us to start practicing and doing all the group works and presentations. The workload was too much. One day we changed our mindset and started seeing dance practices as small escapes from all the craziness we had been going through.

Learning a completely new choreography is always hard and getting to know a new dance partner at the same time is even harder. We started creating our choreography but there was something missing, the charm.

One day before MBAT, 02:00 am in Madrid. Still having fun!



During our practices we got a lot of help from Talent Show winners Manan&Vanessa and thanks to them we were able to add little details to our dance. Last 2 weeks every night we met in the studio and spent at least 3 hours a day. That was a real commitment. Sometimes we needed to sacrifice the things we loved to make it to the practice. However, I still can say every second was worth it because we became a family. I am really proud that I got the chance to represent IE with my favorite sport, Salsa!     

             It’s show time! We are ready! Ricardo, Berna, Kareem, Suzy, Arslan, Olivia                




Written on June 24, 2016 by Campus Life in Other Activities, Professional

TEDxIEMadrid-2016-JG-011We all went through a stage when growing up where curiosity sparked. We started to question the norms and our most frequent question was “Why?”.  This curiosity might have driven our parents crazy but was a pivotal point in our development where we start learning more about the world, the things we can and can’t do and other common social norms.  However, at some point for many of us asking the question of “why” starts to happen less frequently. Why does this happen and how can we change this?

The second edition of TEDxIEMadrid event took place at Google Campus on June 2nd where 11 speakers took the stage to share their Why Not? ideas, when they questioned an internal thought, a potential new opportunity, a new career path and asked: “Why Not?”

TEDxIEMadrid-2016-JG-068Michelle Raymond opened the event with a solo musical performance followed by a speech that gave the audience goosebumps of “How to Tune in and Out” sharing her experience about being authentic and the challenges she has had to overcome. Dr. Rolf Strom-Olsen had us questioning the current misalignment between valuation and share-holder’s interests with his talk “Towards a Better Capitalism” and Kamayani Gupta, inspired us all to pack our bags and taught the benefits of traveling solo with: “Why Travel Solo?”. Luca Torre shared with us a simple idea: Managing instead of Measuring on the Impact Investing arena with, “Can we invest to promote social change”. Eddy Travia explained how blockchain works and “How the Blockchain Revolution Will Change Our Lives”. Finally, Eva Katharina Herber closed the first half of the event sharing how “Meaning Works” and how we all can create meaning in our day to day lives.

The second half of the event started with a powerful spoken word poetry performance titled “Questions Asked” by IE MDVM students Gonzalo Camúñez, Clarissa Rotzel, Jonathan Nelson and Michele Richner. Dr. Mark Esposito showed us a new way dive within uncertainty with his “DRIVE the Future as It Unfolds” talk and Diana Ruano gave us a clue on how to change the way we look at non-profits re-branding them with “Bursting the Bubble of Non-Profits”.  IE Alumni, Maria Sirotkina showed us how much we can learn and engage with our community if we just “Open a Bakery”, not every business can be a Unicorn. Dr. Deborah McCauley shared how we need to change the way we look at wildlife conservation in her talk “The Missing Piece in Wildlife Conservation”. Yetunde Hofmann closed the event by spreading love and passion to the audience with her “Why Not Have Love in Business?” talk. The entire event was hosted by Marta Gonzalez Perez a current IE MCC Student and part of the TEDxIEMadrid organizing team.

TEDxIEMadrid-2016-JG-046 About 100 people from IE Business School and Madrid attended the event to hear the TEDxIEMadrid talks and network with other likeminded people. Audience members were greeted with a Why Not? Gift bag that reminded them to keep asking Why Not? And jot down any notes in a custom notepad. During the breaks and final cocktail hour participants mingled, took pictures in a dedicated photo booth and were able to feel as if they were speaking on stage with Virtual Reality technology provided by VGrounds.

TEDxIEMadrid was an incredible event, it got people thinking of new ideas, asking more questions and sharing their stories.  We can all be inspired when we listen to others as well as ask the question: Why Not?

Videos and photos from the event will be shared soon.  Follow TEDxIEMadrid on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the info.



Written on June 20, 2016 by Campus Life in Other Activities

Jardin Botanico

In this beautiful summer the Partner’s Club arrange a visit to The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, an 8-hectare botanical garden located at Murillo Square, in front of the Prado Museum. There we can know many different plants, fruits and flower growing in the nature. It was really beautiful to see the vegetation you have in this garden, some of there from other countries. As always we have a lot of fun and we could learn something about this amazing place.

The garden was founded on 1755, by King Ferdinand VI, and installed in the Orchard of Migas Calientes, near what today is called Puerta de Hierro, on tJardin Botanico2he banks of the Manzanares River. It contained more than 2,000 plants. The herbarium is the largest in Spain, and has now has over a million specimens.[1]

Since 1939 the garden has been dependent on the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and in 1942 was declared Artistic Garden. Today’s garden is divided into seven major outdoor sections and five greenhouses. Total collections include about 90,000 plants and flowers, and 1,500 trees. It also contains a substantial herbarium.

The garden’s two greenhouses are divided into four rooms. The Graëlls greenhouse dates from the nineteenth century and exhibits tropical plants and bryophytes. The newer structure supports three climates: tropical, temperate, and desert.

The herbarium was established in 1846, and now contains about a million specimens from around the world organized into two collections: phanerogams and cryptogams.[1]




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