USA Club Blog – Second USA Club Event – Club Fair

Written on November 17, 2017 by Campus Life in Geographic, Social

I joined my fellow American board members for the October 9th club fair at MM4. Our January intake had previously held the club fair in the Launch Pad of MM31, so I was curious how big of a turn out there would be.

The place was packed! Many different clubs, with club members sharing their pride for their group with potential members. And unlike before, there were potential members from all the different IE programs, not just IMBA.

The USA Club was on fire! Andres, looking very dapper and professional, was making moves left and right, talking with people and signing them up for our club. Adi was all over the venue meeting people, infecting classmates with our unique, exciting and fun American spirit. Lauren, our fearless leader, looked resplendent in a multicolored dress which perfectly personified the beauty of diversity we value so highly in the United States. I did my best just to keep up with these fine Americans as I met interesting new people from so many different countries and programs.

By the end of the night we had shared several Mahous with our classmates, (I had a funky bottled “lemonade” I’ve never seen before and may choose not to try again) and wound up with a great long list of new members. Walking around, it looked like the other clubs had had a awesome night as well. Everyone there had smiles on their faces as they chowed down on the free popcorn and sipped the free cold brewskis.

My favorite part of IE is our diversity and the USA Club is working awesomely, as one piece of that beautiful diversity tapestry!

Until next time amigos!



USA Club Blog – First USA Club Event – Happy Hour

Written on November 17, 2017 by Campus Life in Geographic, Social

On Sunday, October 8th, the USA Club held our first Happy Hour event at Mercado de San Ildefonso. As the president of the club, I was unsure of how many attendees would make it – I’m a part of the January 2017 International MBA Intake, we have very few Americans (under 20) who are part of the program. We were surprised and excited that over 40 people from different IE programs came to the event, from several different programs including the Master in Cyber Security, Global MBA, Executive MBA, Master in Management, and Master in Real Estate Development.

One of my favorite events held by the previous USA Club chapter was the Careers in North America event this past July. The IE Career reps from the NYC office flew to Madrid and gave an excellent presentation about the career options available in the US upon completion of the MBA. This team works closely with companies in the tech, oil & gas, energy, and retail sectors to network and bring fresh opportunities to the graduates of IE’s programs. It’s so nice knowing that this team back in the US working hard to connect us with employers upon our completion of our studies from this fantastic university.

We’re looking forward to our next mixer this week, at Selfie this Thursday at 7:30pm. It’s so nice meeting the Americans who’ve crossed the ocean to further their educational development, and to start forming connections friendships that will last a lifetime! Hope to see you there!



Betty Yunlei Lu
MIM September 2017 Intake
President of IE Artificial Intelligence club From: Vancouver, Canada

Coming to IE is one of the best decisions I have made in life. Here I am not only able to embrace the values of cultural diversity, a cause I have believed in for many years, but also leverage my passion in new technologies and lead my club to discover the the fascinating world of AI.

I was born in China, and raised in Canada since a young age. For the past nine years, I have devoted myself into promoting the values of cultural diversity. In 2008, I co-founded and later became the president of a student organization called Byng Inclusion Club, with a mission to promote active citizenship and friendship among newcomers and students from various cultural backgrounds. During my years as president I organized over 50 school activities and 15 community events such as cross-cultural performances, workshops and fundraisers. The club grew from five members to over 300 registered members who collectively contributed 5000 community service hours.

From 2014 to 2015, I decided to take my social cause to a higher level. I joined the prestigious Miss World Canada Contest, whose mission is to discover “beauty with a purpose” to be charity ambassador for Canada. The platform allowed me to promote the values of cultural diversity and cross cultural understanding to more audience, with the support of many student and community organizations as well as media attention. One of the biggest events I organized that year was named ‘Harmony in Action – Multicultural Engagement Gala and Fundraiser’. The 3-hour event consisted of a series of cultural performances and attracted over 500 attendees, raising over $10,000 for charity. In May 2015, I had the honor to become 1st Runner Up of Miss World Canada, and continued to dedicated into many philanthropic activities.

During the same year, I was so lucky to meet my Mr. Right, Brian Yadu Yang, to whom I am engaged three months before we come to IE to pursue graduate studies together. Brian worked as a senior investment manager at Silicon Valley Venture Capital, Plug and Play Tech Centre, and invested extensively in new technology companies, especially artificial intelligence start-ups. Brian’s enthusiasm in AI greatly influenced me to also develop a strong passion in the area, which inspired us to create an AI Club at IE University.

Artificial Intelligence is an inevitable trend in our era and is widely used in many fields, such as ADAS, AI Chatbot and Face Recognition. With the help of a talented team of co-founders (Liuyun X., Catherine L., Brian Y., Alex L. and Suzane W.) and IE Campus Life, we established the IE AI Club within one month of arrival in Madrid. Our club’s objective is to educate our members about the business opportunities in this field and equip them with the AI knowledge they need to know to prepare for the ever more demanding workforce. On November 8th, we held a successful AIcebreaker event, and will be holding another event in the upcoming week. AI Club is our team’s IE blueprint, and we hope to keep up this blueprint for as long as the world needs new technology transformation like artificial intelligence.

Bio: Betty Yunlei Lu is a MIM Candidate at IE Business School and the president of IE Artificial Intelligence Club. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with dual bachelor specialization in Finance and International Business. Born in China and raised in Canada, Betty has a diverse cultural and educational background, having studied in Canada, US, Spain, China, UK, France and Czech Republic. She is a devoted student leader, award-winning dance teacher and cultural diversity ambassador. She is also 1st Runner Up of 2015 Miss World Canada and Winner of 2014 China International Model Contest.



Written on November 13, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

On November 8th, 2017, IE AI Club hosted first event in 2017-2018 academic year. 90 plus people registered to the event, with more than half of the attendees from IMBA program, many others from MIM and MBD programs. For event photos, click here.

The main purpose of AIcebreaker was to give the introduction to Artificial Intelligence technologies and ongoing researches not only from technical side, but also from business perspective.

During the event we had two games with prizes. The fastest teams received small sweet prizes, and we hope that after the event you fell in love with AI as everyone loves wine and sweets.

The first Kahoot game, perfectly hosted by Yuchen and Sanjay, was more icebreaker to get everyone involved. The winner with highest score received a bottle of rose wine.

Then the second game was the AI crossword specially made by AI Club coordinators with terms mentioned in a 10-minute presentation on “Introduction to AI” given by our VP of Technology Yadu Brian Yang. Brian used to work as an Investment Manager at Silicon Valley VC Plug and Play, and has established a strong network in the AI industry. We welcome you to contact him if you are interested in working in the AI industry.

Our next event will be in the end of November / beginning of December, and we can’t wait to share with you event details! Stay tuned and love AI!


Maria de la Peña
Responsible for Interlibrary Loan
From: Madrid, Spain

I love working with information, performing searches on internet and discover new things I’m interested on… and also I’m an avid movie goer and lover, and thus so from time to time I read film magazines, and back then I even had the chance to go to a two or three film press conferences and movie sessions for critics. When I had to decide what I wanted to study at university while talking with my cousins about the pros and cons of the careers I had in mind, with their help then I had it clear, Library and Information Sciences, it looked like the best way to combine both passions.

My goal while studying the career was to work at the archive of a production company or film magazine, and at that time my thought was that I’d NEVER wanted to work at a library as, even at college, it had that old book store, old woman with glasses falling down her nose and hushing feeling for me. But you never know what life has in store…

In 2011 after coming back from Sweden for my Erasmus and whlie finishing my Final Master Project, a very good friend of mine from college told me that her fellow time here at IE Library was coming to an end and that if I was interested in doing a fellow period. I thought that I could give it a try as it was a fellow period and in a very good place. Also as of yet I didn’t have any professional practice in libraries whereas in other areas I had, and being an information professional, of course I had to try everything I had the chance to in order to get to know as much as possible, because you know, professional deflection.

Then, when I started working at the IE Library was when things got interesting for me. Being here has shown me that it doesn’t matter how many experience you think you have (on anything), everything will have its twist. I learnt that libraries are not book warehouses, we have more of an information provider role if you want, and yes, libraries can have cutting edge technologies and having them has sense indeed.

That’s what I love the most of IE Library, it’s bet on technologies, which has shown me that resources now are everywhere and on every format. This has allowed me to represent the IE Library and IE as well in quite a number of places here in Spain and abroad as well while presenting our technologies such as My IE Library APP, the concept of Vertical Library, IE Tags Beat, Smart Libraries… I can assure that we are one of the first libraries on implementing those technologies and we have inspired others with them.

Also, on a more personal note, what I love not from the IE Library but from all IE is its international environment. I love travelling and meeting new people from all over the world, so I was really happy to be able to continue that here. I really love having such a close interaction with students, professors and staff and to exchange ideas or just a small talk, that’s one of the best parts of my job here for me. Of course everything can be up for improvement, but I think that the human touch never should be lost, and that we have it here. See you at the Library!

Bio: María de la Peña studied Library and Information Sciences at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), completing her master degree in Sweden at Borås University. While studding for her degree she worked on several internships on different companies, giving her a wider look and experience on librarianship, archives and documentation. In 2011 she started working at IE Business School Library; where she has been able to get experience on all the processes involving the library management such as cataloguing, acquisitions, circulation, interlibrary loan, communication or user training. She currently is developing a PhD on documentation at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a study on the last 40 years of documentation of the Latin American and Caribbean section of IFLA.


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