LGBT@Work 2017

Written on July 10, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

On June 29th, IEOut Club, IE Business School’s LGBTQ+ & Allies network, hosted the 11th Annual LGBT@Work Conference at ABC Serrano located in Madrid’s Salamanca district.  This year’s theme was “The Best Way Out” and the event brought together over 240 leading LGBTQ+ professionals from around the world to present their industry and company best practices, share personal journeys, and discuss what it means to be LGBTQ+ in the workplace today.  This year’s conference was particularly special as it coincided with Madrid’s hosting of World Pride 2017, a historic event that brought more than three million people and associations from around the world to the city in celebration of diversity and equal rights.

The conference began at 5pm with a Business Networking Forum designed for graduating students transitioning into leadership positions in the working world.  The forum began with a corporate best practices panel conducted by Fundación SERES, an organization devoted to the promotion of Social Corporate Responsibility among major corporations.  The panel was moderated by Lucila García & Álvaro Merello of Fundación SERES and included HR representatives from companies who participated in the Fundación SERES “Good Practices in Diversity & LGBTQ” report.

Panel Participants:
•  Miguel Castro – Sr. Director, Lead for Culture & Identity – SAP Global Diversity & Inclusion Office
•  Carla Otero – Head of Inclusion & Diversity (Spain) & Co-Chair Women & Supporters  of Western Europe – Willis Towers Watson
•  Ángel Rodrigo – Resourcing, Diversity & Inclusion Team Leader – Vodafone España
•  Malek Nejjai – Global Chief Diversity Officer – Amadeus IT Group
•  José Javier Muñoz Castresana – Security & Civil Protection Director – Metro Madrid

Link to the report: CLICK HERE

The panel was followed by a diversity & inclusion workshop, led by Roy Gluckman, a subject matter expert from South Africa; an entrepreneurial workshop, presented by Darren Spedale, founder of StartOut, an organization for LGBT entrepreneurs in the United States; a personal testimony from Magda Markowska, a young professional and previously closeted lesbian who used her coming out process to create Nielsen’s first European LGBT Network;  and concluded with a presentation from Pierre and Adrien Gaubert, founders of myGwork, an online recruitment and networking platform for LGBT professionals and graduates.

Santiago Iñiguez, Executive President of IE University, delivered the conference’s official welcome to an energetic room of attendees, representative of over 37 nationalities from around the globe.  The 2017 LGBT@Work Speakers Series began with a personal testimony from Shelly McNamara, Vice President of Human Resources at Procter & Gamble.  She encouraged conference attendees to open their hearts and minds as she shared her journey as a member of the LGBT community to audience members from the perspective of a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and life partner.  She concluded her testimony with a poetry reading, a moving piece written in memory of her greatest ally, her mother-in-law, which moved some audience members to tears. Shelly encouraged those in attendance to live authentically and to work together at becoming better students, future employees, leaders, and human beings. 
Next up was Imran Khan, Creative Agency Lead of Google, who took to the stage to deliver an energetic and inspiring presentation about work life as a member of the Gaygler community, Google’s internal LGBTQ network.  Imran’s presentation included emotional videos relating to the influence technology has had over the past decade in advancing rights for LGBTQ persons, including the approval of same-sex marriage in France and the use of Google’s homepage as a platform for standing up against LGBTQ discrimination during the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games.
The first half of the LGBT@Work Speakers Series concluded with a presentation by Vincent Doyle, IE University Professor & author of Making Out in the Mainstream: GLAAD and the Politics of Respectability. Vincent discussed in detail his experience with GLAAD, a U.S. non-governmental media monitoring organization founded by LGBT people in the media, and explained his inspiration behind the authoring of his book. He concluded his presentation with a directive to the audience: to continuously reassess the way the LGBTQ+ community is represented to ensure that efforts in developing the business leaders of tomorrow are truly representative of the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum.  
Malek Nejjai, Global Chief Diversity Officer of Amadeus IT Group & Santiago Iñiguez joined together on stage to present Margarita Alonso with the LGBT Leadership Award, IEOut Club’s highest recognition for individual achievement.  The honor was bestowed upon Margarita for her significant and positive impact in advancing LGBT issues within IE University, while serving in her former position as the Director General of the IE Foundation. 
The second half of the LGBT@Work Speakers Series began with an introduction by Michelle Raymond, IE Business School PhD Candidate and President of IEOut Club.  In addition to providing a brief history about the advent of the LGBT@Work Conference, Michelle spoke about IEOut club’s year-round activities which include the club’s: partnership with Fundación Eddy-G, Madrid’s first youth LGBTQ+ shelter home; monthly social events; documentary screenings highlighting LGBTQ+ issues around the world; and information booths at campus wide events dedicated to promoting LGBTQ+ awareness among students and faculty. She concluded by inviting to the stage and thanking the 2017 IEOut Club Coordinator Team: Zayne Imam, Leonardo Lima, William Monts de Oca, Cristobal Bozdogan, Rick Baray, and Arturo Avila.  
Sadiq Gilliani, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Lufthansa captivated the audience with his heroic account of his personal and professional coming out journey.  His success story spoke of the support system provided to him by his family and mentors within his organization, and also his determination and initiative to continuously take risks.
Zayne Imam, head of the LGBT@Work Speaker Committee, introduced the conference’s next presenter, Pauline Park, Chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy and a 2012 Huffington Post “Most Influential Asian LGBT Icon.”  Pauline spoke about transgender issues and her experience co-founding and running New York’s first transgender advocacy organization.  She highlighted the fact that the fight for transgender equality transcends New York state’s borders and shared startling statistics about the lack of transgender protections nationwide. Pauline recounted an eye-opening experience and appealed to audience members that discrimination can assume all shapes and sizes, and protections must be set in place to represent everyone regardless of a person’s age, gender, or sexual orientation.
The final presentation of the evening was delivered by Brian Rolfes, Global head of recruiting at McKinsey & Company, and Co-Founder of GLAM, Mckinsey’s internal LGBTQ+ network. Brian’s energetic and interactive presentation highlighted research in support of LGBTQ+ persons and women in leadership positions within organizations.  He offered frameworks in support of his findings and walked audience members through his personal and professional coming out journey, which began at the advent of his career at Mckinsey, almost 20 years ago.  Brian concluded his thought-provoking speech with a gift presentation, representative of his home country, to the lead organizer of LGBT@Work.

Immediately following the LGBT@Work Speakers Series, attendees were invited to join the Business Networking Forum & Speakers Series Participants at the official Networking After Party. Conference attendees enjoyed a tapas-style dinner, drinks, and dancing while interactively networking with event speakers, sponsors, and partnering organizations.   Students representative of 27 universities worldwide and business professionals from around the globe attended the 11th Annual LGBT@Work Conference, creating a diverse and electric atmosphere at the longest-running LGBT work conference in Europe.
LGBT@Work 2017 was proudly sponsored by: Amadeus, IE Foundation, McKinsey & Company, Google, Agua enCaja Mejor, Clique, U.S. National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) & IBM.


Gabriela Alvarado
Doctor in Business Administration
IE Business School
Associate Dean of MBA programs, ITAM
From: Mexico

I have always believed that higher education has the power to transform the lives of individuals by providing them with the required knowledge, skills and values to contribute to the development of better organizations truly committed to building a better world. This is why I have worked at ITAM, one of the leading universities in Mexico, for the last 24 years of my life.

I started at ITAM as a marketing professor at the undergraduate level and a few years later I joined the group of professors who teach in the MBA and Executive Education programs. The marketing professors team really wanted to have an impact beyond the classroom so we launched a marketing magazine aimed at executives in the late 90’s which was distributed throughout the country and merged with Dirección Estratégica, ITAM’s business magazine after 11 years. In 2003, I was appointed Associate Dean of MBA programs and was fortunate to lead the launch of ITAM’s first three MBAs with international partners and residencies abroad.

Nine years ago, ITAM supported me to study a Doctorate in Business Administration at IE Business School and it was when I had the privilege to start being part of the IE community. I was so excited to study in one of the top business schools of the world! My professors and my mentor at IE taught me what it meant to be a true scholar through their living example and unwavering enthusiasm and inspired me to start my research on business education around the world.

This year, as part of my sabbatical, I spent five months at IE writing a book about the future of management education in Latin America and actively participating in some initiatives for two of the current IE business school’s programs: one aimed at young professionals and the other for senior managers. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to be involved in a project devoted to form the leaders of the future and another to support present leaders with the challenges facing organizations and societies nowadays with a forward-thinking.

But above all, I feel extremely fortunate for the opportunity to better know IE people, learn from them and develop lifelong relationships with them. Every single day, I was impressed by their remarkable leadership, passion, generosity, high-level thinking and way of understanding the current and future challenges confronting business education. After these months, I fell completely in love with IE and its people. They are truly committed to reinventing higher education for a better world!

Bio: Gabriela Alvarado is the Associate Dean of MBA programs at ITAM, Mexico, where she also teaches Marketing Management and Marketing Research at the graduate level. She holds the degrees of Doctor in Business Administration from IE Business School, and MBA and B.S. in Actuarial Science from ITAM. Gabriela was part of the team who developed the Executive MBA, Global MBA, and Americas MBA programs at ITAM and is also the publisher of Dirección Estratégica, ITAM’s business magazine. Her research examines the influence that international accreditations and global rankings exert on business schools’ strategies and actions and currently she is writing a book about management education in Latin America.


Isabel Macías Núñez
Associate Director of Communications at IE Business School
From: Spain

After completing my Bachelor in Journalism, I decided to do a Master in Corporate Communication at IE because I thought it would equip me with further essential tools before joining the professional world. At the time I had no idea of how IE was going to change my life.

I have been passionate about reading and writing since I was a child. This passion has been extremely helpful in terms of personal development, as well as on a professional level. Hence, last year I was delighted to discover initiatives like the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities, which encouraged students and alumni to participate in a totally different form of competition to what is considered normal in business schools. After participating in last year’s edition, what really impressed me was meeting IE students from other programs, from other schools, with the same passion for prose, poetry, photography, video … It was wonderful to realize that there was also a place for us at IE.

I like to compare IE with literature because they have both offered me the option of traveling to unknown places, observing and learning from the behavior of people, and developing my creativity, among many other things.

Today, in a society that lives at a dizzying pace, I believe that the fact that IE promotes the humanities as a fundamental complement to business education is even more significant. I feel very fortunate to be part of a community with a strong commitment to the humanities. I am also very happy to be able to pursue my two passions in a place as dynamic, flexible and cool as IE!

Bio: Isabel holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Complutense University (Madrid) and a Master in Corporate Communication from IE School of Human Sciences and Techonlogy. Isabel currently works as an Associate Director of Communications at IE Business School. 


Private Equity in Latam – A boardroom discussion

Written on June 23, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

The IE Finance Capital Markets Club together with the IE Venture Capital & Private Equity Club organised a board discussion on Private Equity in Latam. The clubs invited two experienced private equity professionals (and members of the IE community!) to share their perspectives on investing in Latam, with a focus on Argentina and Colombia.

Amid the growing importance of the Latam market including significant fund-raising activity, the event provided direct access to insights on key investment trends in the region. The speakers, Matias O’Farrell and José Luis Cabal, each have more than a decade of private equity and investment banking experience in Latam.

–  Matias is an IE alumnus currently working in Argentina at Amancay Partners, a Latam PE firm. He was previously CFO of VARIV Capital, an investment firm based in Mexico

–  José is a former investment Vice President and Partner of Teka Capital, a mid-market PE firm based in Colombia. He is currently pursuing an MBA at IE Business School, where he is a Board member of the IE VC & PE Club.


Sports accident insurance

Written on June 22, 2017 by Campus Life in Other Activities, Sports

(*Spanish version below)

As most of health insurances do not cover accidents that occur while practicing sports, we have negotiated a special insurance policy with ARTAI and Metropolis Seguros for those of you who are active in sports. IMPORTANT: the insurance is only valid for sports practiced as part of the activities of IE sports clubs or for representing IE in sports tournaments, both inside and outside of Spain (within the EU).

IMPORTANT: the insurance may not cover all sports practiced at IE. Please check the following list to make sure that sports you practice are listed. In case your sport does not appear on the list, you may need an additional insurance to be fully covered.

American football
Australian football
Basque pelota
Basque trinquete
body building
Canarian wrestling
cross-country race
field hockey
figure skating
go-kart racing
Greco-Roman wrestling
hand pilota
ice hockey
indoor soccer
jai alai
Leonese wrestling
motorboat racing
Olympic shooting
p adel
road cycling
Roller hockey (quad)
table tennis
track and field / athletism
track cycling
Valencian pilota

The insurance costs 99.63€/year and will cover you for a full year from the day of hiring the policy. Please note that the policy will be automatically renewed after one year, unless cancelled.

Download the following document for information on sign-up and withdrawal process and on what to do in case of an accident.

Please check the attached document for detailed coverage information (in Spanish). 

Como la mayoría de los seguros de salud no cubren los accidentes derivados de la práctica deportiva, hemos acordado una póliza de seguro especial con Seguros ARTAI y Metropolis para aquellos de vosotros que practicáis algún deporte. Es muy importante que tengáis en cuenta que el seguro sólo es válido para deportes practicados como parte de las actividades de los IE Clubs o para representar a IE en torneos deportivos, tanto dentro como fuera de España (dentro de la Unión Europea).

MUY IMPORTANTE: el seguro no cubrirá todos los deportes practicados en IE. Por favor, comprueba la lista para asegurarte que el deporte que practicas está en la lista. En caso de que tu deporte no aparezca en la lista, deberías contratar un seguro adicional para estar totalmente cubierto.

Cesta Punta
Ciclismo En Carretera
Ciclismo En Pista
Fútbol Americano
Fútbol Australiano
Fútbol Sala
Hockey Hielo
Hockey Hierba
Hockey Patines
Kung Fu
Levantamiento Piedra
Lucha Canaria
Lucha Leonesa
Lucha Greco-Romana
Patinaje Artístico
Pelota Valenciana
Tenis De Mesa
Tiro Con Arco
Tiro Olímpico

El seguro tiene un coste de 99.63 euros/año y la cobertura duraría un año desde el primer día de contratación de la póliza. Por favor, ten en cuenta que si no cancelas la póliza, ésta se renovará automáticamente.

Para más información sobre la contratación y cancelación o cómo proceder en caso de accidente, descárgate este documento.

Por favor, revisa el documento adjunto para conocer todos los detalles sobre la cobertura.

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