AZ Capital – M&A talk, April 23rd 2017

Written on May 11, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

The IE Finance & Capital Markets Club had the pleasure to host an event with AZ Capital a Madrid based Investment Banking boutique that provides financial advisory services in corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, IPOs, private placements, spin-offs, leveraged buyouts, capital increases and financial restructurings. So far, AZ Capital has completed more than 40 transactions in multiple sectors.  Javier Juliá and Elias del Campo introduced us to the company, shared valuable experience about the type of deals they have been executing and spoke about career paths in Investment Banking. We take the opportunity to thank both of them for taking the time to bring us closer to the world of Investment Banking.


Drishty Tanwar
Human Resource Professional
Dual Degree – Master in Management and Master in International Relations
President – IE Public Speaking Club
Coordinator – IE Public Management & Policy Making Club
IE Ambassador – Master in International Relations
From: Mumbai, India

As part of my admission process, I was asked during my interview – “Why IE?”  My answer was simple: “I choose to be part of this global fraternity where my norms and beliefs can stand the test of reason. What is ‘right’ on my ‘side of the world’ isn’t necessarily so elsewhere. I wanted to break out of my mould, to be challenged, and in return contribute to this privileged fraternity.”

So, began my journey with IE in January 2016.

My goals were very clear even before I started my Masters. I came to IE to learn the fundamentals of management and expand my network. Today, I am seventy-one days away from graduating and I take a moment to pause and reflect on my journey so far. Everyday still feels like a fresh slate with infinite possibilities and ample learning. However, I wasn’t expecting to find myself making lifelong friends, discover what I stand for and shape my values. During those moments, this past year when I felt most challenged, my instinct was to rely on strength and force. What I discovered as the months progressed, is that to learn and grow, I needed to acknowledge my vulnerabilities—open up, ask for help and work closely with others. Acknowledging my weaknesses has ultimately led me to build on my strengths.

The holistic experience of the “Master in Management” and “Master in International Relations” Dual Degree Program truly embodies and celebrates diversity. It has been incredibly inspiring to learn from high achievers of diverse backgrounds and experiences, these include my own classmates, the faculty, guest speakers or alumni. It is within this spectacular diversity that I have realized that the world presents a much larger canvas of opportunities and experiences to create our own unique impressions.

As an academic community, IE teaches us to explore and investigate beyond the confines of a classroom. It is not just the seat of learning but also a source of inspiration that provides bigger stimuli for thought and action for me. The curriculum questions the conventional, challenges the known and pioneers the unknown.

My ‘IE Blueprint’ is to “Break the Mould”. I have the pleasure and privilege of currently leading an extraordinary team that coordinates the IE Public Speaking Club (we invite you to join the community through Campus Life). Change and impact in even the smallest terms has the biggest ripple effect on a community and what better way of contributing than having confident and thoughtful speakers share the power of the word and speech. It is extremely satisfying to see tangible results when people overcome their inhibitions and evolve in that chaotic space where all the magic happens.

Bio: Drishty Tanwar is a skilled HR professional from Mumbai, India with experience in the hospitality industry and non – profit sector. With a Masters in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree she possesses hands-on exposure to business functions such as recruitment, talent acquisition and knowledge management. She is currently a Dual Degree Masters candidate pursuing her ‘Master in Management’ and ‘Master in International Relations’ at IE Business School from where she will graduate in July 2017. She aims to work in Human Capital Planning upon graduation. An affinity for photography and an obsession for travelling, Drishty likes books and photographically documenting the lives of people she has met on her travels.


PerinolaPG Presentation by Helena Gil

Written on May 5, 2017 by Campus Life in Professional

On April 5th the Fashion Club was honored by the visit of Venezuelan Fashion Designer Helena Gil.  Helena shared with our members her experience not only as a Fashion Designer but as an Entrepreneur. Additionally, she presented her brand PerinolaHG.

PerionlaHG was founded in October 2011 in Venezuela since its foundation the brand has focused in creating unique size, versatile, and high-quality pieces for women. PerinolaHG speaks to the young-spirited, authentic, and fun women.  

During the presentation Helena shared with us how was the brand created from the name to its international expansion. Perinola refers to traditional Venezuelan game, the name is the essence of the slogan behind the brand “because life is a game”. 

She also presented her latest collection Tèći and her master piece the “Tassel Dress”. The Tassel Dress has been part of collection since 2011 and it gained the first Venezuelan patent which protects the dress in any country of the world.   

Furthermore, she shared some stories about her. Helena closed her presentation telling us that Fashion has the power to transform people and   encouraging us to put all our passion in order to achieve our goals.       

Helena showed us the human side of Fashion


Danelle Briscoe
Teacher at IE School of Architecture and Design

My name is Danelle Briscoe. I am a faculty member of the School of Architecture Undergraduate program in Segovia. In the past year I have taught introductory drawing and design studio and currently a fourth year studio. As a supplement I offered BIM software workshops. I supervise the Fellows program and serve as Studio coordinator for the School.

I came from an Associate position at the University of Texas at Austin and prior to that a tenured position at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. Segovia is an interesting place for me to be staring a new chapter in my career. The city and IE University offer a rich history and a diverse community of people and students to surround myself, my teaching and research.

I hope that students and others I work with will see my background and future impact as a positive and forward thinking influence on our community and the architecture discipline at large.


Bio: Danelle Briscoe holds a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University (2002) and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin with Honors (1995). She has practiced with firms that include Frank Gehry Partners, LLP, Marmol+ Radziner LLP (both in Los Angeles) and was a Resident Architect at Centerbrook Architects (in Connecticut). Prior to her current position, she was an as Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Austin and a tenured Lecturer at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. She has also served as Visiting Faculty at the Architectural Association, University of Auckland and Huazong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China. Her drawings and constructions have been exhibited internationally, including exhibited work in Axis Gallery, Tokyo (2002), the 2004 ICFF in New York, the MAK Center in Los Angeles (2004), and an Objectspace solo show in Auckland, New Zealand (2008).


Manuel Weissenegger
Master in International Relations student
From: Bressanone, Italy

All my life I have been different. Raised by a single mother in a Catholic area in the very north of Italy, my family background certainly set me apart. At a very young age, I was forced to question the traditions that surrounded me. Moreover, having grown up in a German speaking area of Italy, I have always been aware of my distinct cultural heritage, one that transcends the conventional boundaries of the nation-state. Because of these circumstances, I have always felt the desire to find my place in the world.

Aware of the competitiveness of global careers, I worked hard and graduated with honors in law and was offered a job as a lawyer-trainee at one of the most prestigious law firms in Bologna. As honored as I was when I accepted the job offer, something inside me questioned whether this traditional path was really my course to follow. Despite countless hours of hard work on interesting cases, a competitive salary, and career advancement opportunities, the calling for something more grew stronger. During work breaks I caught myself researching master’s programs in international relations, which I believed to be a perfect fit for my international ambitions. I caught myself dreaming of new adventures. I wanted more.

At IE I found more. I encountered an endless pool of people – students, professors and staff – that work hard to leave their imprint on this world. I met people that question traditional approaches as much as they value them provided they serve the greater goal of moving human development forward. I found a graduate school of international relations that wants to change the world in the business setting, the real driver for advancement in our era.

All these factors made me find my place at IE. As someone who deeply cares about finding a sustainable way of ‘fueling’ our economies, I became the president of the IE Energy Club. It was my goal to show why changing energy usages – which constitute the biggest chunk in CO2 emissions – is difficult. With the panel discussions we organized, we tried to demonstrate that energy, far from being merely a question of innovation, is a rather political matter. Climate change and clean energy depend to a large extent on the will of world leaders to move important projects forward. However, political leaders themselves depend on their constituencies. Constituencies, by turn, have their own preferences, largely dependent geographic, economic and historical factors: moving the American Rust Belt away from coal is difficult because coal has historically shaped the economies of the region. In this context, the legacy I tried to leave is that it is imperative for all of us to understand the political dynamics behind climate change and clean energy. Only if we fathom why people might favor political leaders who oppose clean energy efforts, can we find solutions that can change our future to the better.

Bio: Manuel Weissenegger was born in Italy on 20 May 1989. After graduating with honors in law at the University of Bologna, he worked for 1.5 years at Maffei-Alberti, a prestigious law firm located in Bologna, Italy, that deals with bankruptcy and business law. Simultaneously he was engaged as teaching assistant to Professor Vincenzo Calandra-Buonaura, professor of business law at the University of Bologna. Manuel is currently a Master in International Relations candidate at IE Business School where he will graduate in July 2017. Besides Italy and Spain, he also has academic experience in Switzerland and the United States. He speaks four languages (German, Italian, English and Spanish).

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