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Written on July 27, 2017 by Campus Life in Geographic, Social

With more than 90 nationalities together, IE Business School is a melting pot of cultures. That’s why, every year, the Net Impact Club organizes an event to celebrate this rich cultural diversity with joy and fun, the Global Village. A magical event where the geographic clubs present a little about their culture, with music, dance, food and drinks.

In 2016, when I was president of Brazil Club, the event took place on a sunny Thursday of June and brought together 500 people to celebrate diversity. Of course, Brazil Club had a booth there! We managed to make it an amazing day, with a presentation of capoeira, pão-de-queijo, brigadeiro, guaraná, and açaí.

It was an incredible event, not only because we could show our culture, but also because we could see and live a little of the culture of different countries. I enjoyed every second as much as possible and tried things that I had never seen before. And I loved it!

See in this link some photos of that magical day taken by Alessandra Aroeira, our photographer in Brazil Club.

Guilherme Ubiali


Brazil Club – By Guilherme Ubiali

Written on July 27, 2017 by Campus Life in Geographic, Professional, Social

Last year, 2016, was very special to me, because I did my international MBA, a dream that I have since college. One of the things that I most liked about the MBA was the opportunity to participate in the clubs; I was a member of several clubs such as FMCG, Public Speaking, E-commerce, and HealthCare, but it was at the Brazil Club that I participated more.

I am passionate about my country, so as soon as I arrived in IE I talked with the coordinators of Brazil Club to help them. I started as a member, then gained more responsibilities and ended up being one of the main organizers of the first Brazilian Party of the year (Spring 2016). The coordinators, seen my dedication to the club, talked with me about the possibility of being a coordinator too, and maybe president of the club. I embraced the idea and started looking for friends who wanted to go on this journey with me, I knew that alone it would be impossible to do everything, so I set up a very strong team of coordinators that supported me when I was elected president of the club in May 2016.

Being President of the club was not only an honor for representing my country but also an incredible opportunity to learn. I could practice leadership and teamwork, organize events, do networking and promote our country. During the period that I was president, we did the welcome event for new Brazilian students, and the second Brazilian Party of the year (Fall 2016), this time with “samba” dancers. We also did a traditional Brazilian barbecue and several social events for the members.

In partnership with Area 31, we supported the launch of the book of the Brazilian professor Newton Campos, we participated in the magical Global Village and we organized the master event of the year, a lecture of one of the most famous Brazilian’s journalists, Eliane Cantanhêde, to talk about the political situation in Brazil.

And now I finish my period as coordinator with joy and gratefulness for the support I received from all the members, especially the partners I had as coordinators with me; Daniel, Gabriela, Carol, Bruno, and Alexandre.

Guilherme Ubiali


My IE Experience by Avinash Chandra – IMBA Graduate

Written on July 26, 2017 by Campus Life in Social

Although through my official IE IMBA facebook account as an IE ambassador () ,I have generated more than 15k digital impressions and interacted with hundreds of IE IMBA page followers, I would like to share some key experiences that I will cherish for my life!

January 26th, 2016, I didn’t have much thought on how my Jan26th 2017 would look like, where I would be, what I would be experiencing, when I was still waiting for my IE interview result! Today, with more than 500 days since then, when I look back, it looks really like a wonderful roller coaster ride as rightly mentioned by our dean in our inaugural ceremony last year! It’s just fabulous experience!

If there is one thing that I have to mention unique about IE IMBA, that would be its very flexible and diverse program curriculum. As many will agree that IE IMBA provides many dimensions- case challenges, startup lab, entrepreneurship, IE-Clubs, venture day, impact labs just to name a few.

I personally would like to thank IE for giving me an opportunity to work for Siemens Digital Twin event, that was never possible without IE. My 3 months experience with Siemens Munich technologists, working and innovating new business proposal for “Digital Twins” for their turbine division using IoT was the most beautiful time frame in my IE experience. This was not only academically satisfactory, but also rewarding as Siemens Berlin team rolled out internal opportunities along with a cash 1000/- reward with a trademark Bluetooth speaker 🙂 .

Not only this, but meeting with Microsoft head at Madrid Microsoft campus as reward of Windows 10 IoT innovation challenge was also a life changing experience. I would like to thank Mr. Thiago for his valuable insights and guidance in 1X1 meeting in his Madrid office!

Apart from that, IE experience definitely helped me in refining my educational venture NovoZeal, and cementing the foundation. Thanks to all entrepreneurial thought process!

In my opinion, this MBA is not just an academic experience, but a life changing moment, and I am eager to lead a change!

Go get it, Rock it! Be an IEan! 🙂

I wish all future MBA intakes all the very best!


Marianne Ribert
Executive Director of the GXMBA
IE Business School
From: Denmark

In January of this year, I had my 10th anniversary as IE staff.

In my time at IE, I have always worked in Program Management in one way or another. I have been involved in full time and part-time programs, face-to-face and online. The Program Management is in a very central position; we get to work and collaborate directly with all the different internal stakeholders at IE – Faculty, Planning, Admissions, Careers, Alumni, Administration and Documentation, just to mention some of them. But most importantly, we get to work with the most important stakeholder of IE: the students.

This week I have the distinct pleasure of seeing another group of amazing students graduate from IE Business School.

It is always a very stressful week for us. We have to make sure the grades are in on time, we have to coordinate schedules and exams and students, we have to follow up on grades, on deliverables and on GPAs. Not to mention the printing of the rankings, the certificates and all the other paperwork.

So it can sometimes be difficult to remember to stop and breathe for a minute and remember to enjoy and appreciate the honor it is to have been able to follow the transformation of a group of people as closely as we have. Some students undergo minor transformations, others make great leaps. Some seemed to fly through the program, others struggled visibly. Each journey is different, it is definitely always bumpy, but they all came here, rich and poor, high and low, young and … well, less young, and trusted us with their time, their hopes and their eagerness to learn.

And that is a true honor and a privilege.

So, I will take this opportunity to congratulate all the students who are graduating this week. 1700 students, no less! As always, it has been a pleasure to be a very small part of this important journey, I hope we all made the bumpy ride a little bit smoother. I look forward to seeing you back as alumni, colleagues, collaborators and speakers!

Bio: Marianne Ribert is the Executive Director of the GXMBA. She is originally from Denmark where she got her BA in Arts. She has lived in Spain for the last 15 years and before coming to IE Business School, she worked in communications and marketing in Madrid and Barcelona.


Emanuele Sacchetti: a letter to upcoming students

Written on July 13, 2017 by Campus Life in IE Stories

Emanuele Sacchetti
IE International MBA September 2016 alum
Former coordinator of IE Sailing Club and IE Italy Club
From: Italy

Dear students, dear folks about to start this incredible adventure at IE,

This is a letter for You. My IMBA program at IE ended just few hours ago, presenting at the Venture Day, and my airplane is rapidly taking me back to my home country. While the sun goes down, painting the clouds of purple, this need to share the following words is arising.

Living at IE, you will soon understand how central the sense of being part of this Community is. With this word, Community, I refer to You, starting this journey, and Us, waiting to embrace you in the Alumni family few months from now.

I wish you could ask yourselves what this Community means for you. For me, it’s the union of Women and Men sharing experiences and goals, their Past and their Future. Yes, sharing, because IE
is US, all together. The Present is yours, live it intensely and don’t forget about the Past and the Future.

This year, Time will be your scarcest resource. Use it wisely, and you will be able to be generous. Our community needs your passion, your engagement and willingness to share your amazing skills.
For example, pitching to each section, our amazing IE Sailing Club coordinators were able to double the number of participants to the IE Winter Regatta (Lanzarote, 9th – 12th March 2017). Many students had so much fun that joined for all the other Regattas, such as the Global MBA Trophy, organized by London Business School in Athens. These events combine sport, great fun and networking among students from the top Business Schools! It’s all about people, it’s all about you!

As my grandfather used to say, Ideas walk on people’s legs. So, I wish you to be the legs of your ideas and to make the most out of your time. Contribute to the community, enroll as Clubs
coordinators, participate in Campus Life, create your experience with passion. If you’ll give up a small part of your time in favour of the IE Community, you will all get a greater benefit.

Welcome to IE and best of luck for the upcoming year to you all!

Bio: Emanuele is an Italian IMBA alumnus from the September 2016 Intake. After achieving his M.A. in Law, he developed his passion for entrepreneurship, founded two startups and decided to join IE to learn the secrets that can turn an entrepreneurial mindset into a successful story. At IE, he developed his third startup project and he contributed actively to the Community by coordinating the IE Sailing Club and the IE Italy Club Madrid Chapter. 

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