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ieTalksIE proudly presents to you the 4th edition of ieTalks! – an events series that has been exclusively designed to give IE students a platform where they can discuss current affairs, share their experiences, and feed off of each other’s points of view in an intimate setting outside the classroom.

On June 6th ieTalks! will introduce the topic Fear Management. The session is meant to help participants define and understand fear, and give them helpful tips on how to recognize signs of fear and deal with challenging situations in the workplace, such as confronting a hostile coworker or superior, managing stress and/or burnout, dealing with difficult personal issues whilst at work, important decision making, etc.

The talk will be lead by Ana García Villas Boas, Associate Professor at IE/professional coach, and by 2 IE students that would like to share an impactful story with us which we can analyze, relate to and draw insightful conclusions from.

CALL TO ACTION: If you happen to be interested in being considered as a potential speaker,  please reach out to your class representatives by sending them your CVs with a short paragraph on the experience you would like to share. Consequently the reps would report back to the ieTalks! Committee, which is composed of IE students and staff, who would collectively cast a vote on the final two speakers. 

It would be helpful to get this information before May 16th at 3 pm, so that the ieTalks! Committee has enough lead-time to select two suitable speakers whom we can prepare the talk with.

Thank you in advance for your efforts in helping us create a meaningful event for the IE Community.


Team Jersey (Medium)The teams of IESE 1, IESE 2, ESADE, EADA and IE were competing very close in the first round. After 3 games back-to-back and supported by the cheering power of our Women Football Team, the IE team won all  the games and was set for the final on Sunday.

Team Medals (Medium)On Sunday, the team of MIM and IMBA April/November players had to play against the host (IESE 1) on their own court. After 40 nerv-racking minutes, the IE team won by 9 points.

Thanks to…
Cristian, Arturo, Shai, Pierre, Kyle, Johannes, Abdallah, Fernando and Steffen.

Special thanks to Tim, who smashed his ankle and could not join us for Barcelona.


Be a part of IE Global Village!

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global villageBecome a volunteer for the 8th edition of Global Village and be a part of IE’s iconic festival that celebrates our cultural diversity. Hosted by IE Net Impact Club in collaboration with IE geographic clubs and student groups, Global Village will feature 30 countries showcasing the best of their culture, food, traditions, arts and crafts. This year’s celebration will be on June 13 and it will bring exciting performances from around the world presented by and for IE students.

We invite you all to volunteer and make this event one of the most memorable afternoons of your IE experience.

For more info, please contact:

Carolina, President Global Village, or Arturo, VP Global Village.


By José María Francisco

“A total of 76 teams from the six business schools registered in the contest. Each team was provided the business case and given a little over a month to work on a report. Our team, CurIE Consulting, comprised Adriana López (MIM September 2012 intake), Maresuke Tanaka and myself (IMBA April 2012 intake). We worked over the Christmas break and submitted our presentation along with 56 other teams. In early February, we were happy to learn that we were among the six finalists selected to go to Novartis Spain’s head office in Barcelona. On the 21st of February, we took the Ave to Barcelona and went to a cocktail dinner to meet our fellow finalists as well as some members of Novartis Spain’s Executive Committee and HR team.

Left to right: Jose Maria Francisco (Philippines), Adriana López (Spain) and Maresuke Tanaka (Japan)

Left to right: Jose Maria Francisco (Philippines), Adriana López (Spain) and Maresuke Tanaka (Japan)

On the next day, after the welcome and final case presentation, we were given a couple of hours to finalize our presentation. Fueled by coffee and pastries, we got the job done and presented in front of the heads of Novartis Oncology and Novartis Pharmaceuticals, the Director of Human Resources and other managers in Marketing and Sales. I personally enjoyed the thrill of being able to answer the questions of the heads of Novartis during the Q&A portion of our presentation. As we left the presentation room, we breathed a collective sigh of relief. It was finally over.

During the awarding ceremony, the team from SDA Bocconi was selected third. For second place, our team was called. We couldn’t believe it! We met our fellow finalists the previous night and found out that they were all competent and highly-qualified. We felt that being a finalist was recognition enough, but we were going to get some prize money as well. More budget for travelling! And in case you were wondering, the team from London Business School was first.

Participating in the competition gave us the opportunity to apply the concepts and frameworks we’ve learned from school in an actual business situation. We got an all-expense paid trip to Barcelona, learned about an industry (pharmaceuticals) that was unfamiliar to us and left a good impression on key people within Novartis. In addition, we met students from other business schools and socialized with them after the competition. Most importantly, we enriched our knowledge and experience outside of school.

We recommend joining next year’s Novartis Masterminds Challenge or any other case competition that comes. You never know. You might form an excellent team, learn from the experience and actually win something. (Ka-ching!)”


IE Club Election Process

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The election period will start on April 23rd, right after the Club Fair. The exact dates are provided in the section “Election Schedule”.

All members of an IE Club who are currently studying at IE or are partners of IE students, are allowed to raise their candidatures in order to occupy vacant positions in the Board of the club in question.

The maximum number of clubs in which a current IE student/partner can be a coordinator is two.


Club coordinators: 5 rules to remember

3 members of the current board can stay for the next term of office. The names of the coordinators staying should be sent to the campus.life@ie.edu before 7 pm on Monday, April 29th.

New students can send their self-nominations (download the form HEREfor the clubs of their interest during the same week (from April 23rd to 29th at 7 pm). The completed nomination forms should be sent to campus.life@ie.edu. Campus Life will share the candidatures with the corresponding Club Boards on April 30th.

  1. If the total number of candidatures (the members of the board staying + new candidates) is less or equal to 6 after 7 pm on April 29th, no elections will be required and the 3 new candidates will be announced members of the new board of the club.
  2. In case the total number of new candidates is less than 3, more than 3 members of the previous board can stay for the next term of office, always given that the total number of members of the board does not exceed 6 coordinators.
  3. If the total number of candidatures (the members of the board staying + new candidates) is bigger than 6, the club will have to organize elections in order to determine the new board.
  4. The members from the previous board who are staying for the next term of office (no more than 3) do not have to participate in the elections, their seats in the new board are automatically allocated.
  5. The names of all the Coordinators elected should be officially communicated to Campus Life office for the formal approval and update of the database of Club Boards.

 Elections: 4 rules to remember

  1. If there are more than 6 candidatures for the board of a club, elections are necessary.
  2. A member of the previous board who will not keep his/her position as a club coordinator for the next term of office should be appointed to organize the elections of the club.
  3. The clubs are requested to conduct elections for the new board in a free, transparent and fair manner. Selecting the most appropriate system for the election is the sole responsibility of the current Club Coordinators, always given that the system is participative and democratic.
  4. Dismissal of the Board: IE Campus Life has the authority to dismiss a Coordinator or the whole Board if there are proofs of violation of IE Ethics Code or the principles, values or norms contained in this guide.

In both cases (if no elections are necessary or if the elections were held) the roles of the members of the new board can be freely decided by new coordinators and should be communicated to Campus Life no later than the dates indicated in “Election Schedule” post in our blog.

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