Interview with a Club: IE Golf Club

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Who are we?

The Golf club is really active in helping foster interest in golf, from initiation to actual competition in various golf courses around Madrid. We organize schooling lessons, thanks to the support of IE. We currently have several active players that have helped us organize practice rounds in Madrid. We have launched an Indoor Golf Tournament and we are going to host a summer golf tournament in June with a simple theme, “Networking & Golf”

Current Coordinators

ROL_408Robert Rolin Jacquemyns – Entrepreneur – Team member of the winning team of the 2011 & 2012 Belgian National Match-Play championship and 2008 to 2010 runner-up – Handicap: 15 – Loves outdoors, skiing, scuba diving and golf



Photo GeorgineGeorgine Roesle – 5-year HSBC investment advisor – Swiss Champion Girls 1998, member of the Swiss Girls National Team 1998-2000, runner-up Swiss Ladies Team Championships 1998, 2000– Handicap: 10 – Loves golf, traveling, skiing, outdoor activities.


Javier Bustillo – 10-year corporate lawyer based in Madrid – Worked for Coca-Cola and Xerox Europe in London. LLM Student – Handicap: 17 – Loves travelling, scuba diving and golf

Club Activities

We organize the following:
1) Practice at GeeenCanal (Madrid) once or twice a week
2) 9 or 18 hole course during weekends
3) Group lessons (up to 4 people) at GreenCanal at a price of 22 €/pers minimum
4) Indoor Golf Tournament from January to July
5) Annual Charity Golf Tournament in June

Our Vision

We are going to launch the Annual Golf Tournamente that will take place in June with a one day golf and networking event. Also we hope that from September onwards we will be able to play on a different golf course every weekend – even during the week depending on workload.

Get in touch and participate!

The club is more easily contacted through the Facebook group or via the IE email of one of the two coordinators.


RDR_6148The IE Africa Club is open to all IE students (African and non-African), who have seen it fit to create awareness of the African continent, its rich culture and the myriad of opportunities that the continent offers. The vision of the IE Africa club is to promote Africa as a continent of opportunity, debunk myths about the continent and act as a link between Africa and Europe particularly in academia and business.

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013 the IE Africa Club presented an event featuring experts on emerging markets to discuss the growing sectors investors should focus on when looking to do business in Africa. The theme was “mapping investment opportunities in Africa” with a purpose to question the opportunities available on the continent and direct investors on the sectors of growth and about where to start.  The invited speakers included:

Chidi Okoro, Managing Director for GlaxoSmithKline, Nigeria
Jason Duloquin, Account Manager RMED region at First Point Group
Neeta Somers, Political Counsellor & Second in charge at South African Embassy in Spain
Balexis Kilonzi Kasombo, First Counsellor, Embassy of The Republic of Kenya in Spain
Daniel Pulaski, Partner at Emzingo Group.

RDR_6189The event also featured programmes on the continent currently supported by IE Business School. The IE Africa club president, Funmi Odushola encouraged students to sign up for these various programmes in order to gain practical experience in African markets. Some of the opportunities presented included: AMIP, the African Markets Internship ProgrammeFinancieros Sin Fronteras and Emzingo.

The event was opened by the Dean of Programs, Martin Boehm followed by a master class by Professor Newton Campos, IE professor of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. Professor Campos presented his five years of research focusing on how foreigners can create successful ventures in developing countries. The main requirement for success he says, is building trust and developing local networks.

Daniel Pulaski, a partner at Emzingo and an IE alum discussed his work at Emzingo Group, specifically, the NexGen Fellowship Program and its focus on human capital investment.  The mission of the program is to develop people through social impact in order to inspire responsible leadership and connect businesses to citizens in the environments they operate in. Pulaski explained that, individuals and organizations alike need to be culturally aware and sensitive about the historical, political and cultural aspects of their communities in order to better integrate and to be successful.

RDR_6180Neeta Somers, the Political counsellor and Second in charge at the South African Embassy in Spain, spoke about current and future business trends in South Africa and in Africa as a whole. She provided statistics to support the growing middle class in Africa stating that Government’s investment in the public sector is accelerating growth rate in other sectors. The infrastructure, energy and manufacturing industries are a mentioned few currently experiencing significant growth in Africa. Ms. Somers added that the South African government plans on investing 121 billion USD in public sector infrastructure. There is also a surge of investment in alternative energy such as wind farms particularly in South Africa.

RDR_6115Balexis Kilonzi Kasombo, First counsellor, Embassy of the Republic of Kenya discussed the continuing growth trend in Kenya making it the most developed economy in East Africa, and whose recent New Constitution (2010) and Vision 2030 project ensures a growing industrialization of the country and continuous economic growth.
The key sectors experiencing growth according to him in Kenya are: Agriculture (accounting for 23% of Kenya’s GDP, 60% of foreign exchange earnings), tourism, transport infrastructure and energy. Kenya is in the process of creating the Konza Techno City and is also building a new port which will serve as a connection to southern Sudan and Ethiopia.
RDR_6122Chidi Okoro, Managing Director at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Nigeria was the keynote speaker for the evening. He challenged the assumptions of the audience and urged people to think critically about the current data available about Africa. He highlighted the African continent, if seen as a country, is the 6th largest economy in the world and stated that it has a huge need for infrastructure development. As such, there are many fields for investment opportunities. Africa he says, does not need not aid but investment and knowledge transfer instead.
Mr. Okoro explained that while people are discussing ¨the industries to watch” in Africa; these are the same industries he would advise “not to watch” as all of the industries will be expanding exponentially and require active participation.

The event came to a close with a cocktail where the audience interacted with the speakers and other distinguished guests. It was a fantastic event and one that the Africa club should consider organizing more than once a year.


Interview with a Club: IE Tourism & Leisure Club

Written on April 15, 2013 by Campus Life in Professional

Who are we?

Mission : The IE Tourism & Leisure Club focuses on the Tourism and Leisure industry, to bring forth ideas, awareness, and opportunities from this business sector. The club’s mission is to provide a forum for students to increase their knowledge and network in this industry.

Objective : The purpose of this club is to create a common, open space for all the students from IE to understand the tourism and leisure sector. The basic objective is to raise awareness, to help members learn, and to grow their network in this industry.

Vision : We want this club to become the forum for interested students to enhance and explore the opportunities present in the Tourism sector, worldwide.

Current Coordinators

The Coordinators of the IE Tourism & Leisure Club are :

Picture - Namrata Raina - IE Tourism & Leisure Club

Namrata Raina (IMBA Dec 2013) : After working for 2 years as a business analyst with HSBC Private Banking, Switzerland, Namrata started working with Seasons Hotels, and thereafter initiated her own venture of Serviced Apartments and Guest Houses (now 2 years old) in India. She brings to the board her expertise in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development in the Hospitality Sector. Email

Picture - Virgil Esguerra - IE Tourism & Leisure Club

Virgil Esguerra (IMBA Apr 2013) : Virgil has 6 years’ experience as a Hong Kong based Emerging Markets FX and Fixed Income Strategist and brings to the board a passion for international finance, political economy and adventure travel. He is also on the board of Finance Club and IEOut. Email


Club Activities

As a part of the Sectorial Community at IE, this club has the opportunity to organize various events and activities that relate to the Tourism and Leisure Industry. The club has organized various panel discussions, conferences, seminars, networking events, etc. with professionals from this industry. This club in the past was managed by the IE Alumni and the IE students. Starting this year this club shall be split so that this part of the club is managed solely by the IE students.

Our Vision

In the future, the Club is planning to organize a couple of seminars and conferences for IE students focusing on the Hospitality and Travel Industry of Spain.

Earlier, the Club has been run majorly as a Spanish based club and by IE Alumni who have been organizing various events. We hope to introduce to this club, information and ideas that flow to the English speaking audience as well. There are huge opportunities in this sector and we believe that students at IE would benefit immensely from the club’s mission to serve the students at IE, and to build an awareness of the Tourism & Leisure Industry.

Get in touch and participate!

You may contact the Club via :

  1. Email – You may contact any of the coordinators.
  2. IE Communities

To be a part of the club, you may contact Namrata Raina

The students can support the club by taking an active role as a board member, and managing the various events that the club plans to organize in the future. Students who may have connections with professionals in the tourism and leisure field can also collaborate with the club in case there is a particular event they want to be a part of or want the club to organize.

We plan to have our own Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn pages soon, but currently you can follow the IE Alumni run club on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!


IE AnthemThe IE Music Club in association with the IE Social Club is pleased to announce the organization of a music competition amongst all IE students in search for the IE Anthem.

We are looking for entries from musicians who think that they have got what it takes to create a song which is original and represents the true spirit of IE – one world with a diversity of minds. Please look at the rules below for more details.

It is a great opportunity for all musicians to make use of their skills to create a song for IE that will go on to become the IE Anthem. It would be a great pride for the winner to see their work of art being the symbol of IE.

The competition opens from today and the last date for sending entries is May 10, 2013. Three finalists will be selected and asked to perform their composition ion Madrid Campus from which the winner will be decided.

Not to forget the prize! The grand prize for the winners will be:

  • iTunes Gift Card of 150€ for each group member.  The card can be redeemed for whatever you want to buy at iTunes— songs, movies, TV shows, apps, games, books, and more!
  •  The chance to record their music composition in IE University Media Lab, our IE music studio!
  • IE official recognition as IE Anthem authors at our Campus Life Website, social media and other sources of media.


The competition will be governed by the following rules:

1. Participants

To take part in the competition, you must be a student of IE master programs.

The same participant may not submit more than one project to the competition.

2. Object of the Competition

The object of the competition (hereafter the” project”), will be to present a song in MP3 format in English, of up to 6 minutes, that describes what you believe is the REAL IE CAMPUS LIFE EXPERIENCE.

The idea of the competition is to create an anthem that could be used to represent IE, its spirit and community in local and international events and/or sport competitions. You can find a couple of examples of anthems of other schools or universities in the following links: Columbia University or Harvard University.

  • The composition should be original work of art. Any entry not meeting this criteria will be eliminated.
  • The song can be composed individually or in groups up to 4 members.
  • All members involved in making the song composition should be  current IE master program students.
  • All compositions sent as entries will become the property of IE and IE has full right to use the same.
  • The members behind making the song s. hould be physically present to perform their composition on April 23.
  • The composition should be of minimum 3 minutes and maximum 6 minutes long.
  • The song should necessarily have lyrics and no objectionable words. In case the words are inappropriate, the entry will be disqualified.
  • The lyrics of the song should be in English.
  • Please also attach the lyrics of the song in a word document.
  • The entry should be sent in an MP3 format to the club coordinator email ID – naggarwal.imba2013@student.ie.edu.
  • The last date for sending entries is May 10, 2013 11:59 PM.

3. Acceptance of Projects

Participants must present their songs within the established timeframe from March 21st  until May 10th (Madrid time) both inclusive. The entry should be sent in an MP3 format to the club coordinator email.

4. Intellectual Property

Participants guarantee they are the legitimate owners of the songs submitted and ensure that they do not violate intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties. In the event of using music, sound or texts of third parties, participants guarantee that such elements are in the public domain or, otherwise, that they have the due authorization from the legitimate owners. Participants accept, with respect to IE, any liability arising from non-compliance with these declarations and guarantees.   

IE reserves the right to demand that participants accredit their ownership of the project submitted. 

Participants authorize the public communication of their projects on IE´s website and in any means that IE deems appropriate for publicizing the competition from the onset of participation in the competition until the winning project is made known, stating the author’s name.  


Shin Yi, Garrett, Justin (Associate Director at IE Law School), Greg and Sandra.


During the Easter holidays Garrett Civian, Shin Yi Mak, Sandra Marcovici & Greg Cooper, IE Law School students from the International LLM, had the opportunity to travel to Vienna to participate in one of the largest international law competitions in the world (Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court).  As a result of all of their hard work one student in particular, Sandra Marcovici, was awarded with an honorable mention for the Martin Domke Award for Best Oralist in the competition.

This is no small feat as they were competing against students from 280 universities and 70 countries.  So congratulations to Garrett, Shin Yi, Sandra and Greg for your performance!

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