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IE Halloween Party 2017

Written on December 20, 2017 by Campus Life in Geographic, Social

Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore
Scary witches at your door
Jack-O-Lanterns grinning bright
Wishing you a Haunting Night!

After the earthquake in Mexico and the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico the IE Mexican Club and IE USA Club decided to join forces and celebrate El dia de los Muertos/ Halloween to help celebrate and collect funds to help relief efforts. So we throw the IE Halloween Party, a night we party with our colleges at El Doblon where all our friends show up in crazy costumes! One of the most fun nights of the year when they could be out of their element letting lose and enjoy themselves wile they helped at the same time.

The party was a success, we manage to earn €1000 to help TECHO a nonprofit organization that mobilizes youth volunteers to fight extreme poverty in Latin America by constructing transitional housing and implementing social inclusion programs. With presence 19 countries in Latin America.


USA Club Blog – Second USA Club Event – Club Fair

Written on November 17, 2017 by Campus Life in Geographic, Social

I joined my fellow American board members for the October 9th club fair at MM4. Our January intake had previously held the club fair in the Launch Pad of MM31, so I was curious how big of a turn out there would be.

The place was packed! Many different clubs, with club members sharing their pride for their group with potential members. And unlike before, there were potential members from all the different IE programs, not just IMBA.

The USA Club was on fire! Andres, looking very dapper and professional, was making moves left and right, talking with people and signing them up for our club. Adi was all over the venue meeting people, infecting classmates with our unique, exciting and fun American spirit. Lauren, our fearless leader, looked resplendent in a multicolored dress which perfectly personified the beauty of diversity we value so highly in the United States. I did my best just to keep up with these fine Americans as I met interesting new people from so many different countries and programs.

By the end of the night we had shared several Mahous with our classmates, (I had a funky bottled “lemonade” I’ve never seen before and may choose not to try again) and wound up with a great long list of new members. Walking around, it looked like the other clubs had had a awesome night as well. Everyone there had smiles on their faces as they chowed down on the free popcorn and sipped the free cold brewskis.

My favorite part of IE is our diversity and the USA Club is working awesomely, as one piece of that beautiful diversity tapestry!

Until next time amigos!



USA Club Blog – First USA Club Event – Happy Hour

Written on November 17, 2017 by Campus Life in Geographic, Social

On Sunday, October 8th, the USA Club held our first Happy Hour event at Mercado de San Ildefonso. As the president of the club, I was unsure of how many attendees would make it – I’m a part of the January 2017 International MBA Intake, we have very few Americans (under 20) who are part of the program. We were surprised and excited that over 40 people from different IE programs came to the event, from several different programs including the Master in Cyber Security, Global MBA, Executive MBA, Master in Management, and Master in Real Estate Development.

One of my favorite events held by the previous USA Club chapter was the Careers in North America event this past July. The IE Career reps from the NYC office flew to Madrid and gave an excellent presentation about the career options available in the US upon completion of the MBA. This team works closely with companies in the tech, oil & gas, energy, and retail sectors to network and bring fresh opportunities to the graduates of IE’s programs. It’s so nice knowing that this team back in the US working hard to connect us with employers upon our completion of our studies from this fantastic university.

We’re looking forward to our next mixer this week, at Selfie this Thursday at 7:30pm. It’s so nice meeting the Americans who’ve crossed the ocean to further their educational development, and to start forming connections friendships that will last a lifetime! Hope to see you there!



Looking Forward and Looking Back

Written on January 5, 2016 by Campus Life in Geographic

The IE USA Club is ready for 2016 and our members are already tossing around some great ideas for events and networking opportunities in the coming year. While we look forward however, we also look back at the previous year we spent together in Madrid. We’ve had some amazing times, lots of new members, great memories, and even learned a few things along the way. Here’s a quick snapshot of the IE USA Club in 2015:

● The club added 72 new active members in 2015! In 2016 we’re looking to see if the incoming classes can top that!
● We’ve learned from two events that didn’t quite materialize the way we hoped. But we also learned that sometimes it’s OK to just have a casual gettogether among friends rather than organize a big formal event.
● We’ve also hosted or cohosted 6 club events and contributed as a club to other school events like the famous Global Village. In 2016, perhaps we’ll see some of these turn into regular practice.
● My personal favorite is how we’ve connected personally and helped one another within our club. We’ve had members help one another with moving flats, securing visa appointments, making career connections, changing money, and just finding their way around IE.

All in all a club experience is what you make of it and I’m really happy to look back at 2015 and say confidently that our club was a fantastic group to be a part of at IE.

Of course there may be some things each of us would do differently last year and that’s a good sign: it means we’re learning and growing and becoming better people, and better groups. As 2016 quickly approaches, I’m excited about how the IE USA club will grow and evolve and I look forward to welcoming all the new members arriving with the new programs!

A Really BIG Thank You!

As we approach the end of another calendar year, the USA club looks back on 2015 with an attitude of appreciation. The help and support of so many people enabled our club to celebrate the events and activities of 2015 and we are truly grateful. So with a warm heart, we’d like to thank the following groups and people for their dedication and generous contributions of time and expertise during 2015:

● Each and every one of our 100+ active members including graduate and undergraduate students, partners, as well as exchange students. We love hanging out with you all!
● Our alumni and staff members that continue to be involved in club communications and events. Some of us will be joining your ranks very soon.
● The American Club of Madrid for inviting our student members to join them at Roll Madrid for a wonderful 4th of July celebration.
● The IE Canadian Club and specifically Maryse for help coordinate a superfun Canada+USA pancake celebration. We loooove that beautiful sweet syrup our northern neighbors share with us!
● All the students who helped our club prepare for Global Village especially those who prepared food or volunteered at the booth as well as the Global Village coordination team for helping us prepare and contribute to a great intercultural event.
● Susan, Rimpal, Anuiska, John, and Jose who helped students coordinate for Thanksgiving even when schedules became a challenge.
● IE Campus Life for continued support and another great year together!
● The IE North American team and especially Felicia and Cora who have joined us and supported our club on several occasions.
● Our incoming Club Coordinators Susan and Rimpal. We know you’ll be fantastic leaders for our club this year!

The IE USA club coordinators would especially like to thank all these individuals and groups for your efforts. Serving as a coordinator can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming with all the hustle and bustle and business we all live at IE. It’s only with the help of our community that as a club we are able to pull of fun events so from the bottom of our heart Thank you!

You are the fuel for a wonderful community and we have loved working with your this year! All the best as you head into 2016!!

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