Space Mining Event

Written on November 8, 2018 by Campus Life in Other Activities

In collaboration with three other campus clubs at IE Business School (Technology & Innovation, Air & Space, and Energy), the AI Club hosted James Murray, the co-founder of OffWorld, on November 5th. The company’s mission is to build a generation of industrial robots to enable human expansion beyond Earth. The company prides themselves on their competitive advantage of building robotics on an industrial scale, something that is crucial for the successful expansion to other planets.

The robotic machines learn with the help of human teachers and millions of simulations (aka supervised learning). The robots gain experience from experiments done in hostile environments on Earth and these learnings are applied for future design geared towards planetary expansion.

In his presentation, Murray emphasized the importance of reducing the ‘heavy lifting’ done by humans and being able to alleviate this pain point with the robotic workforce. Some of the tasks that these AI enabled machines are expected to perform while on another planet include extracting water ice and materials, processing water to be drinkable, making rocket propell

ant, manufacturing solar cells, and eventually replicating themselves using the OffWorld chips.

The company’s goal is to expand human civilization outside of Earth, but they also believe their technology will have many useful applications on Earth, for example in autonomous mining, self-repairing cities, and manufacturing.

Each of the four clubs had the opportunity to ask Murray three questions on behalf of the club. Pictured here, Sabrina Mirtcheva, asks James Murray questions on behalf of the AI Club.

Without a doubt, the universe is filled with an abundant amount of elements that can be harnessed for the survival and progression of the human species!

If you would like to learn more about OffWorld, you can visit their website here.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @ieaiclub and stay tuned for futured events!

Blog post by Betty Yunlei Lu, President of IE AI Club


Biometric Handheld Reader in Madrid Campus MM31Bis Building

Written on November 7, 2018 by Campus Life in IE Stories

IE University is working to improve the access to the different buildings on campus in an effort to ease the flow of traffic, and at the same time increase the safety the IE Community. To do so, we are launching a coordinated series of pilot programs across campus. As part of this program, starting on Monday November 12th, at the MM 31bis building we will launch a pilot program based on new technology: A Biometric Handheld Reader. This new tool has been placed in one of the three current turnstiles, and will speed up and ease general access to the building.

Registration is required for technical reasons, as well as for complying with data protection regulation, since your biometric data may also be processed for a limited period of time and for this purpose –and only for this purpose- with your express consent. Please speak with Reception for information on how to register.

The registration period will begin on November 12th, and will have the following schedule each day:

  • 10:30 – 11:50
  • 12:00 – 13:20
  • 13:40 – 14:50
  • 18:30 – 21:00

Please bear in mind that the ID Card will still work for access at each turnstile. Your ID Card will still be required for identification in other activities, spaces and for other purposes (printers). You will only need your hand to access to the building! We encourage you to participate with these brand new tools, so please register to help us in improving our facilities.



Written on October 31, 2018 by Campus Life in Geographic

Tras asumir formalmente, las nuevas autoridades del Club Argentino, organizaron un evento de networking en la embajada de la República Argentina. El embajador, Ramón Puerta, se mostró muy entusiasmado con la iniciativa y propuso realizar nuevos eventos para los alumnos de esta institución. De izquierda a derecha: Angel Centeno, Ana Truppel, Alfonso Saieva, Andrea Antolín, el embajador Ramón Puerta, Valentín Oneto, Josefina Capelle y Alvaro Sampedro.

The new authorities of the Argentina Club organized a network cocktail in the Argentinian embassy. The Argentinian ambassador, Ramón Puerta, expressed his enthusiasm by proposing to host more events for Argentinian IE students. From left to right: Angel Centeno, Ana Truppel, Alfonso Saieva, Andrea Antolín, the embassador Ramón Puerta, Valentín Oneto, Josefina Capelle y Alvaro Sampedro.

Los más de 20 alumnos argentinos del IE que fueron invitados a la embajada de la República Argentina, fueron recibidos por el embajador Ramón Puerta en un cocktail donde se discutió sobre la importancia de la capacitación de los profesionales argentinos para el desarrollo del país sudamericano.

The Argentinian students from IE that were invited to the Argentinian embassy. The more than 20 students were received by the Argentinian ambassador, Ramón Puerta, in a network cocktail where he emphasized the importance of postgraduate education in the development of the south American country.


IE’s M&A competition

Written on October 29, 2018 by Campus Life in IE Stories

The Finance and Capital Markets Club partnered together with the Venture Lab, Entrepreneurship and PEVC clubs to make an IE-wide student competition possible. The ongoing 2018 fall edition has united more than 300 participants over the two first sessions, gathering more than 60 competing teams working in a broad spectrum of innovative areas such as technology, insurance, and water treatment, among many others. As a club, we feel proud in witnessing such diversity in areas of interest: it demonstrates how committed the IE community is to creating value through innovation in impactful business proposals. Across the scope of initiatives we lead at the Finance and Capital Markets Club, the M&A competition particularly has the ability to create a tangible impact on the world.

Getting to meet WKN partners

We had the opportunity to speak with WKN partners. After winning the 2018 spring edition of the M&A competition, they decided to continue working on their proposal in order

to make it a real-life project. With this goal in mind and after shortlisting candidates for the project, WKN partners chose a company to work with towards the M&A transaction. They continued conversations, and both parties signed an NDA to facilitate the exchange of the required financial and corporate information to proceed with an accurate company valuation. Among other sets of documents, the valuation process requires the company under assessment to provide sensitive financial projections that WKN partners are using for their in-house evaluation. After carrying out this examination, WKN partners will be ready to have a quantitative assessment on how much the company is worth.

This information is going to serve as basis for a comparative analysis with respect to similar industry companies, and upon agreement on a valuation figure, for proceeding forth in raising capital. According to their latest analysis, WKN partners would be looking to raise €5 million for their M&A fund and start the search for buyers.

Coming sessions are scheduled at Area 31 for November 12th and 20th, starting at 7pm. We look forward to meeting you there!

Blog post by IE student: Alfonso Muñoz-Acevedo


Women in Luxury & Retail Blog

Written on October 26, 2018 by Campus Life in Professional

Last night, October 24th, the Women in Business Club hosted our Women in Luxury & Retail Dinner sponsored by Mastercard at Habanera. This event is one of our 6-part dinner series, each hosting speakers and students interested in a sector voted for by our club members.

Joined by Veronica Baez Marquez Former Marketing Director at LVMH and CEO & Co-Founder of Designersrooms, Marina Oliveira Vendor Manager Beauty and Luxury Beauty at Amazon.es, Marisa Velasco Brand & Communications Director at LasRozasVillage in Value Retail and Alessandra Chichi EVP and General Counsel for HBO Europe.

All of our guest speakers took their path one step ahead and are focusing on the next level of the Luxury & Retail world:

• Veronica who stepped into the powerful entrepreneurship world and founding a strategic consulting services, specializing in the development of Luxury and fashion brands.
• Alessandra who is an inspiring executive in one of the successful companies that is in charge of many Luxury players (actors and shows) in the market and their daily performances.
• Marina who is enriching every day the environment in Amazon and is looking into changing the Luxury Beauty department in Amazon, making it more environmentally friendly.
• Marisa which is in charge of creating the best Luxury experience for clients while they shop for the next Luxury item in the Real Estate company which holds all the Luxury brands under one roof.

During the dinner the members of the club brought up a very important subject which touches all: Sustainability and Environment. We spoke about how important it is for the Luxury brands, that many people would pay a high price for them, should set a positive example while watching over the environment and being an influencer as part of being the change in the world.

The evening began with networking followed by a sit down 3 course dinner where we went around the table introducing ourselves and asking questions about the Luxury industry and its secret to be successfully positioned. consulting industry that we do not have access to asking in most career related environments and shared our personal experiences as women in business. Key learnings from our amazing speakers and students that we’d like to share from this event include:

Quotes – Female in Luxury & Retail

• As Luxury is a very competitive industry, you need to understand that if you truly believe in yourself, take risks, go forward with it and don’t be afraid to fail.
• I always ask myself: What is the worst thing that can happen? I always see that the answer is the answer I already had before trying- No.
• The “secret” is to think outside of the box, to initiate and create.
• You are the only person who is standing in front of achieving what you would like to, put yourself in the spot light, just like high branding, and people will approach you the same.

Our Dinner Series is designed in an intimate setting to facilitate open and honest conversation to flow between leading professionals and students, a learning experience and sharing of perspectives like no other. Future Dinner Series events planned until the end of the year include: Women in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Technology and Leadership. Join the Women in Business Club here to be kept in the loop for future events.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Women in Business Dinner Series Event.

WiB Coordinators.

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