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We are happy to announce the new elected secretariat of SLT, which will be focusing on Connecting IE under one umbrella, a fluent channel for communication and most importantly the Voice of the IE Students.




Karnika Bansal has 6+ yrs of professional experience in education policy advocacy, project management & ed-tech startup. She also started and runs an NGO that focuses on holistic development of underprivileged children in India. She is the class representative of J5, and will now be serving as the President of SLT. Karnika is passionate about education and finding solutions for the bottom of the pyramid. She is an avid dancer and enjoys meeting people.








Miguel Van Den Oever was born is of Venezuelan + Dutch origin, he studied and worked in Toronto, Canada, launched a restaurant in Miami and worked in Sydney Australia in the media and advertising industry. Miguel has 7 years of work experience in sales, marketing, management and launching new businesses. He speaks 3 languages and is working on a fourth. Miguel is an avid sailor, diver, boxer and photographer. Miguel is our SLT VP and a IMBA + Dual Degree representative.









Gauri Gupta, popularly known as GG, is of Indian origin but she grew up in sunny Dubai! With over five years of Big 4 consulting experience, she is part of SLT as the January IMBA Rep & the Treasurer. She loves beach, wine and pasta, and speaks more than 3 languages fluently.








Ishana Rajguru, or Isha as everyone calls her, is from India and has spent her entire life in the Middle East. She was a captain in school and led an active and successful national-level general awareness club in university. A class delegate in the first term, she is also a career ambassador and is part of the SLT as the MIM Rep. Ishana speaks 3 languages and loves to explore places through her palate and is a volunteer at animal rescue centers in all the 3 peninsulas. She has lived in India, Qatar and Spain! Ishana is always happy to help and is up for a chat about anything under the sun.







Ana Vega was born in El Salvador, and studied and worked in the US, kicking off her career in International Relations in NGO’s and think tanks in Washington DC. She decided early on to shift her career to the world of creativity, marketing and strategy. She moved to Madrid to do a Master’s in Marketing & Communications and entered the crazy and exciting world of advertising agencies. She is now the Marketing Manager of IE School of Human Sciences & Technology and is currently doing the Executive MBA. She enjoys travelling and anything to do with creative production and storytelling.







Ana Isabel Carmona Gutierrez is of Spanish origin, she studied at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, US. She has two undergraduate degrees: Environmental Science, and International Relations. Ana has 4 years of work experience as a Research Assistant for Indiana University, her research ranged from water quality standards to Middle Eastern diplomatic policy. Ana speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese and will start learning French in the fall. She enjoys the beach, being with family, and traveling during her free time. Ana is the SLT MIM + Dual degree representative.




Campus Life also congratulates the graduating members of the Student Leadership Team 2018-19 for their great work and contributions, and wishes them all the luck for their future endeavors.


IE Portugal Club Madrid Chapter 2019 Activities

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Club Fair
4th February 2019

The Portuguese flag was present at the Club Fair. The three coordinators, all MBA students, introduced the club activities to all visitors and collected valuable feedback to plan the mandate ahead. Also, it was an extremely valuable opportunity to connect both with other Portuguese students and IE staff members, and obviously to motivate them to join the events that the club is preparing for the next months.

Company visit – Gilead
19th February 2019
On the 19th of February, we had the pleasure to welcome Gilead a the IE Campus for a company presentation. Gilead is a research-based pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative medicines.

First, Maria Rio Presa, the General Manager for Spain, introduced the company and its values, explaining how they reflect in the company culture and on everyday work. She also made a reflection on her career and on the challenges faced by women in the workplace. Then, Luis Armenteros, Director of Marketing, followed by presenting an overview of his career path and the work he is conducting in Gilead. At last, Diogo Medina, Senior Manager, presented is work on the FOCUS program, which aims at increasing early diagnosis of HIV and Hepatitis.

At the end, participants had the opportunity of interacting with the speakers in an informal Q&A session. Questions included the profiles in which the company is interested, and the day-to-day activities of each one of the employees which were present.

This event was organized by the Portugal Club Madrid Chapter in collaboration with the IE Careers service.

Portuguese dinner
28 March 2019
The first Portuguese dinner of the year took place at the restaurant Madere, which serves several typical dishes of the Portuguese cuisine. This dinner was an opportunity to connect the Portuguese community at IE Business school.

Global Village
4th April 2019
The Portugal Club and its three coordinators were present at the Global Village. This was an excellent opportunity to showcase Portuguese food and culture to the IE community, and to network with fellow students and staff members. We had an assortment of the typical Portuguese sausages (farinheira, alheira and morcela) and pasteis de nata, one of the main sweet delicacies our country has to offer.

Sofia de Figueiredo Ribeiro

President of IE Portugal Madrid Chapter


“Who in the world am I?

Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

This exhibition is understood as a Collaborative Project which multiple agendas are articulated to visualize the work produced during Spring Semester by the programme Bachelor of Design at IE. Classes involved are Collaborative Design Studio; Design Studio II, Visualization & Representation Techniques; Materials and Applications; and Design History.

Collaborative Design Studio is in charge of choreographing these multiple voices and designs, and so trigger a spatial proposal where coordination, connection and exchange are desirable. The final sequence of immersive spaces is defined as a couple of articulated rooms: White Cave & Dark Room.

While one proposes a bright and mysterious topological space to be unveiled through random drifts; the other composes an abstract recreation of a post-millennial apartment that can be experienced in an ordered sequence of rooms (dressing room, living room, playroom). Both stages create a physical, functional and emotional experience that engages with today’s challenges faced by Creative Strategists: emerging working dynamics and new formats of creative production, complexity of material world, and design techniques through behavior, criticism and exploration.

Let’s get fascinated by the multiple realities that can be assembled out of these (dis)connected fragments!  



Inspiring Leader Series

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Last Thursday 28th of June, the IE Colombian Club hosted a discussion panel on Inspiring Leaders with four amazing speakers: Natalia Bayona, the Leader of the Innovation and Digital Transformation Strategy of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). An IE Alumnus, She also organized the first South Summit Pacific Alliance, which connected the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Peru; Sergio Cabrera, who has directed some of the most emblematic films and television series in Colombia in recent years, and has collected a great number of awards and recognitions – such as the 1st Prize of the Embassy of Spain in Colombia for the Best Artist of the Year; Juan David Aristizabal, founder and President of Los Zúper, a non-profit organization equipping young people with 21st century skills. Juan was Recognized in Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs” and was Co-Chair at the World Economic Forum in Davos; Nick van Dam, Chief Learning Officer of IE University, Nick has over 30 years of experience as a former partner and Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey & Company and has authored and coauthored more than 25 books.

The panel was moderated by Juliana Pereira, who is half-Colombian and currently the director of Campus Life. Juliana has 20 years of international professional experience in advertising, marketing and PR. She has lived in New York, London, and Spain, where she has worked for major brands such as BBDO, Gucci, BURBERRY and Tiffany & Co. The discussion focused on two main topics: Leadership models and Innovation. These topics were chosen because they represent two of IE’s core values, and speak to our strength as a community and institution. The speakers brought four unique perspectives on innovation from their different backgrounds and discoursed on the leadership required to bring about innovation and change. The main takeaways from the discussion gravitated around the importance of authenticity, growth mindset, resilience, and persistence as the prime competencies required today in leadership. It also focused on how important it is for professionals to have the ability to change and reinvent themselves in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era.

Lorena Giraldo


IoT: The Power of Data at Telefónica

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“The MAGIC of IoT is converting knowledge into wisdom thanks to the exponential growth of data”-Luis Simón Gómez

Last 12th of June Luis Simón Gómez (Global New IoT and Innovation Manager) was at IE doing a great presentation about the Power of Data in IoT hosted by AI & Big Data Clubs.

It is already well-known the majority of data was collected during the last 2 years and now there’s enough data as if stored in DVD´s, we were able to go to the moon 23 times. Data shared in real time is expected to grow to 20% by 2025, which could mean each person would have almost 20 IoT devices.

Having a look at the IoT path: from the initial step sensors to finally obtaining the knowledge, we reviewed how through connectivity you can send a piece of reality to transform it into data, store it in a platform and convert that physical aspect in a piece of value to make better decisions.

IoT has many different layers so is still a complex ecosystem, besides there is a huge concerned regarding security. The weakest point in these end to end services is the device and that’s one of the reasons why Telefónica applies security and operational analytics to detect, using Artificial Intelligence, any abnormal behaviour and anomalies in the network.

There are seven verticals (use cases) in the IoT framework of Telefónica, they provide the whole end to end solution besides connectivity and data management. From B2B to B2C, we reviewed all of them having in mind data analytics: what happened, why and what will happen. All solutions are smart from: mobilityproviding deep understanding in real time of driver behaviour, consumption or use of panic button, to retail companies trying to understand customers behaviours in the physical store so as to create unique experiences. In Energy and Industry the added value comes when analysing energy consumption and optimization of processes to make better decisions and reduce costs. Regarding smart Cities: waste and traffic management as energy consumption are the fields most demanded by city councils.

Although B2C is not a big market yet many devices are installed in vehicles providing information of future breaks, status of components or location, as other solution offers tracking people (most used in centres for old people care).

Telefónica wants to satisfy specific needs and its developing those use cases to offer better services for those companies who want to invest on value proposition.

By: Julia Agostinho de Souza Barros

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