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The 4th edition of ieTalks!

IE proudly presents to you the 4th edition of ieTalks! – an events series that has been exclusively designed to give IE students a platform where they can discuss current affairs, share their experiences, and feed off of each other’s points of view in an intimate setting outside the classroom.

On September 19th ieTalks! will introduce the topic Consulting: the real professional experience. The session is meant to share with your peers your professional experiences and give insight on what someone can expect from the Consulting labor market.

CALL TO ACTION: If students happen to be interested in being considered as a potential speaker, they may reach out to Melisa.Lelliott@ie.edu [1]  (IMBA Team) or their class representatives by sending them their CVs with a short paragraph on the experience they would like to share. Consequently the reps would report back to the ieTalks! Committee, which is composed of IE students and staff, who would collectively cast a vote on the final two speakers. 

It would be helpful to get this information before September 8th so that the ieTalks! Committee has enough lead-time to select two suitable speakers whom we can prepare the talk with.

Thank you in advance for your efforts in helping us create a meaningful event for the IE Community.