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L(IE)ga is about to know its champion!

L(ie)ga 1 [1]IE Football Club is proud to announce that the L(IE)ga has finally reached the end. Over 40 games were played and 285 goals were scored during October, November and December to define the finalists. Schlie F.C., formed by IMBA students from the November 2012 intake, will play against Piononos, formed by MIM alumni. The final will take place next Wednesday at Green Canal and will bring to an end the current edition of our prestigious and already traditional internal tournament.

 l(ie)ga 2 [2]In total, there were 14 teams that played a first round, in which they were divided in two groups of seven teams, each team playing once against each other. The best four in each group qualified to the quarter-finals stage and the winners moved on to the semi-finals, which were played last week. Piononos made their way by beating Gypsy F.C. in an exciting game with a last minute goal that settled the score in 5-4 to Piononos. Schlie was able to beat Heisenberg in the other semi-final by 6-0. Now, let’s see who will become the L(IE)ga champion!

The next edition will take place in the first semester of 2014, starting most likely in March or April. Gather your friends, form a team and start practicing!!!