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IEOut Club winery trip

Haro (2) [1]IEOut Club organised a winery trip to Haro area in the north of Spain on 3rd of Dec. The purpose of this trip was to celebrate the end of our program as well as to understand the history of famous winery area in Spain.

La Compania Vinicola del Norte de Espana (The Northern Spanish Wine Company), Cvne, was born in Haro, La Rioja. Cvne was founded by two brothers, Raimundo & Eusebio Real de Asua. By acquiring a few local winery companies, Cvne has become one of the biggest wine companies in Spain since 70s. Cvne’s current company strategy is to initiate a radical experiment, planting double the amount of wines per hectare, the objective is to reduce the production per wine, and therefore to increase the quality of its product.

Haro (1) [2]During the trip, we visited wine factory and we have also had a wine tasting course which included 4 wines guided by an expert. Those four wines inluded Monopole, Cune Rosado, Vina Real Crianza and Vina Real Reserva. After wine tasting we arrived to Haro. Haro is a town in La Rioja province known for its fine red wine and the Haro Wine Festival. We visited Santo Tomas Church, the work of Felipe Vigamy and the old town, which was declared a Historic Artistic Site in 1975.

IEOut Club is proud of organizing numerous events throughout the year.  It has been a great experience to share our own experiences among different club members and our current members are ready to embrace the new life after the graduation.