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Europe and Middle East Networking Coffee

Net working coffee 1 [1]Net working coffee 2 [2]On Thursday, February 6th the IE Europe and Middle East Business Club kicked off with its first event: a networking coffee. The event was a great way to present the club to the IE community and share experiences and ideas about the region and the future of the club.

 Many guests were present at the event, including MIM students, MBA students, Alumni, and coordinators of other clubs from North Africa and the Middle East. While having a cup of coffee many useful insights were gained by the EME Club coordinators regarding the general interests of the IE community and the possibility of future collaborations with other Clubs. Additionally the event served the purpose of allowing students from different programs to network and exchange opinions.

 The Club coordinators are very happy with the acceptance of their first ideas and about the inputs they gained from different discussion throughout the event.