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IE Invitational Rugby Tournament

On the 23rd of March IE Rugby Club, organized the IE Invitational Rugby Tournament [1] in which we hosted Chicago Booth Rugby Club and The Madrid Lions, at Puerta de Hierro.

IE presented two teams for this occasion. The players who participated in this event were the following (from left to right):

Upper row: Rob Gilbert (USA), Tiago Cascarejo (Portugal), Sven Hinirchsen (USA), Javier Almaza (España), Matthew Fellmeth (USA), Puneet Shetty (India), Kurt McFarland (Australia), Armando Belchior Nunes (Portugal), Chris Stavrianou (Australia, Partner an IMBA girl)

Lower row: Juan Feeney (Argentina), Marc Silberstein (Switzerland), Alvaro Alonso (MIM, España), Sherif Seif El Nasr (Egypt), Steve Mysilinski (USA), Juan Pablo Andrade (Mexico), Daniel Nolan (USA)

rugby1 [2]

IE honoured The Madrid Lions with the first place trophy and Chicago Booth with the second place trophy. The Man of The Tournament Prize was given to Juan Rubio from Chicago Booth.

The IE white team which was composed by the basis of the team which was preparing for IESE games, won all the matches (against Chicago Booth, The Madrid Lions and IE Blue).

A full bus of supporters joined us on this beautiful day at a wonderful venue, Parque Deportivo Puerta de Hierro. The day ended up with The Prize Ceremony, where the supporters and the players shared some tapas, hamburgers and drinks.

 rugby2 [3]

If you would like to see more pics, please find them in the following link [4].