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Rugby Team tells us about their participation in IESE Spring Games

We won each match of the round robin stage against INSEAD A, INSEAD B, IESE A, and IESE B and that drove us straight to the final.

The Seminfinal was made played by INSEAD A and IESE A.

In the Final Match we defeated INSEAD A without being scored.

Along the whole tournament we did not received any misconduct card.

The outstanding performance of the “rookies” Sherif, Dario and Tiago in their first official matches contributed enourmously towards the title.

rugbyiese [1]

Upper row: Alvaro Alonso (MIM, EspaƱa), Rob Gilbert (USA), Daniel Nolan (USA), Juan Feeney (Argentina), Matthew Fellmeth (USA), Tiago Cascarejo (Portugal), Dario Maritano (Italia), Kurt Mc Farland (Australia)

Lower row: Marc Silbertsein (Switzerland), Sherif Seif El Nasr (Egypt), Juan Pablo Andrade (Mexico)