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Marketing de Vanguardia en una categoría commodity

renovaOn May 13th, Lorenzo de Cárdenas, Marketing Director for Spain at Renova, shared with us how Renova reaches customers in a commodity category. He emphasized how the objective of the company was to transform people’s perceptions of an undifferentiated product in to a “different” one. In fact, this ‘sexiest paper on the earth’ category has received much attention among famous people. Beyoncé, for example, requests red toilet paper wherever she goes while British music producer Simon Cowell uses black paper in his bathroom, said Cárdenas. Additionally, he also mentioned that Renova’s toilet paper is now sold at deco stores and perfume shops, and is not anymore perceived only as a supermarket product.  To conclude the event, Lorenzo de Cárdenas gave the participants samples of Renova colorful products to take as souvenirs.

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