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IE Technology & Innovation club

IML_2516 (Medium) [1]We at the IE Technology & Innovation Club believe that well-rounded business education can’t stop at the classroom. Real-world learning must complement what we learn in the classroom and our club’s objective is to achieve this mission. The club promotes technology and innovation as business enablers. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the learning and the application of this learning.

In this quest, we frequently organize guest talks , seminars, panel discussions and company visits for students and alumni to help them see the value of the information economy and to explore these ideas in their next job or their new venture. Recently we organized our biggest annual event Digital Forum – 2014 with focus on sectors like banking, retail, telecom, travel, aviation, and digital & social media. This event focused on various technological concepts like big data, cloud computing, e-commerce, smart city, and many more. Going forward to we are planning separate events for each of such topics in detail along with their potential in different sectors. One such possible future topic is – Open data — machine-readable information specifically government data, which has been made available to public — has generated a great deal of excitement around the world for its potential to empower citizens, change how government works, and improve the delivery of public services. According to a recent McKinsey report, such technology could generate more than $3 trillion a year in additional value as a result of open data across sectors like education, transportation, health care, oil & gas, and consumer products. Also open data is already giving rise to hundreds of entrepreneurial businesses and helping established companies to define new products and services, and improve the efficiency and a consumer surplus (cost savings and convenience). This technology enhances big data’s impact by creating transparency, exposing variability, and enabling experimentation; helping companies to segment populations and thus to customize actions directed at them; replacing or supporting human decision making; and spurring innovative business models, products, and services.

We sincerely believe that exposure to similar topics via our club activities would greatly supplement classroom learning. Apart from that we would love to invite non-coordinator club members and alumni to be part of our regular club meetings to get some feedback and form a stronger communication among all technology enthusiasts. We would soon provide you the details of our next events. Looking forward to see you there!!!

IE Technology & Innovation Club