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Climbing Discovery Session

R&B [1]The last June 27th the R&B Climbing club organized a discovery session for new members of the club. Three members of the main board Marco Tumbiolo, Matt Rose and myself, were in charge to teach the new members in the basics of climbing. The event was in Espacio-Accion a rock-gym located in C/ Marcelino Alvarez close to Plaza las Ventas.

The place divided in three floors with all the necessary to practice either lead climbing and bouldering. The two main types of climbing that we practice in our club. There you could rent all the necessary equipment for it.

This day we started giving the principal rules about safety, how to do the main knots and how to use the safety equipment. After we did some top rope climbing the best way to get use to heights and also use the safety equipment. In this type of climbing you were hanging from the rope so if you fall there is any risk of get hurt.

After the top rope climbing we did some bouldering, starting from easy problems at first and progressively doing harder. The bouldering is about climbing without rope, not so high but focusing on the difficulty.

So if you want to participate we are going to keep organizing this event regularly, stay tuned in our Facebook Group [2].

IE R&B Climbing Club