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IE Alternative Investment Club

In recent years, alternative investment asset classes such as private equity have become increasingly important pools of capital in the global financial system. Through the IE Alternative Investment Club (AIC), we wanted to reveal that alternative investments are likely to continue to become much more important, not just for institutional investors, but also smaller private investors worried about the impact of volatile markets on their portfolios.

We took the role of true IE Ambassadors, to blend education and professionalism in a connective environment of networking. Key speakers such as David Hactchwell (President of EXCEM) and the famous Hedge Fund Manager Vikas Nath, played a crucial role in leveraging the prestige of the AIC club and the IE Business School as a whole. We also organised parties and offered job positions to our members, always consistent with our core value of Alternative Investments.

We transmitted the following main concepts about alternative investments, as a tool that is usually used to reduce overall investment risk through diversification. :

. Low correlation with traditional financial investments such as stocks and bonds
. It may be difficult to determine the current market value of the asset
. Alternative investments may be relatively illiquid
. Costs of purchase and sale may be relatively high
. There may be limited historical risk and return data
. A high degree of investment analysis may be required before buying

Our vision as IE AIC Founders is for future proud Coordinators to maintain a spirit of ethics and mutual respect, in a constantly changing globalised economy. This will in turn bring sustainable economic and social growth, always centered towards Entrepreneurship.

IE Alternative Investment Club