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IE Equestrian Club Basic Training sessions

10430403_1500754920137554_4141546911012878257_n [1]After numerous trail rides, we started to get students to be encouraged to start real riding not simply trail walks down the countryside. In collaboration with Afines equestrian school, an equestrian school with English speaking trainers qualified by European standard for equestrian teaching, we started once a week training sessions starting from scratch. With the school, riding is not limited to simple being mounted on the horse but the relationship you build with the horse and the “whys” are more important than the “hows.”

 Members were taught how to tack their own horses, why it is important to do so and how to tack everything correctly. The sessions started by just getting accustomed to different riders aids and how to gain control of the horse. Things developed fast because of the motivation of our students, cantering by 3rd session and by the 4th session they had already jumped their first fence! Out breaking performances lead by determination and strong training capabilities.

 It made us proud to see how thrilled our students were, always asking if we could manage more classes for them and if we know any trainers of the same quality in their home towns to continue riding once the program has come to an end. Truly a rewarding feeling.