The 10 Squash Commandments

Written on July 24, 2014 by Campus Life in Sports

The IE Squash Club is always helping players improve their ability, both mentally and physically. Besides the intense weekly training sessions, members are regularly sent Youtube videos and articles on ways to improve their game. Learning squash requires patience and dedication, and only through continuous commitment in learning the game, can one truly stand out. Below are the 10 Commandments of Squash. If followed and implemented, it will allow you to gain greater control of your game, and almost always, ensure victory.


This will be your Bible henceforth in Games or Squash drills

  1. Hit the ball at a Good Length – Hit firmly in the centre as you stand at the Service Line near back of Service Box.squash2
  2. Aim at the Back Corner – The ONLY way to gain maximum floor area (Place the ball in hard to run areas)
  3. Keep the ball close the Side Wall – The best way is a straight shot. Your opponent will have to play straight as well placing you in a better position for the next shot.
  4. Recover to the T (Centre Court) – From the T you can reach 60% of your opponent’s shots in one stride. You will Control the Rally.
  5. Watch the Ball at ALL TIMES – Even when the ball is behind you
  6. Make your Opponent Run – Be aware of his position on the court. Make him move up-and-down, side-to-side.
  7. Volley whenever possible – Generally provides the Winning Shot. Gives your Opponent less time to attack.
  8. Know when to Delay Shots – Allows you to Wrong-foot the Opponent. Stop and Start movements cause more fatigue.
  9. Go for the Short shots – Always play after Long shot. Good mix is necessary.
  10. Change the Pace of the Ball – Keep the Opponent guessing and break up his gameplay. Helps you recover when needed.

If you follow these 10 Commandments, you are well on your way to achieving Squash greatness !

IE Squash Club


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