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IE Energy Club Kick Off!

energy1 [1]During Mid January, the IE Energy Club had organised a Kick Off meeting to show which are the main objectives and activities during 2015 to all the members and people interested in being part of the Club.

The meeting was organised by the coordinators of the Club (Flávio Días Ruiz Augusto, Abiola Osho, Anand Sreekumar, Bruno Morais, Natalia Orjuela and Tomas Sallies.

President Flavio Dias Ruiz Augusto and Abiola Osho gave us a presentation and show us the mission, vision, plans for the year and future events. As they explained to us, the Club will be very active and an IE Energy Day will be organised and some field trips as well!

The Club even offered help to the teams that are thinking of presenting an idea to IDEO or Morgan Stanley Challenge.

So if you are interested in joining the Club, the doors are open to meet its members every Friday from 4:00 pm to 5:30pm. Rooms are published in the new Club Groups app and they will keep update everyone who is interested by Facebook, and of course by the Club groups webpage.