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Written on July 22, 2015 by Campus Life in Social

38FBFFDA-BD79-43A6-9432-A10B987C5BA4Let’s open the door to the IE Mind Games club and sneak inside to look how it is.

Entering the room we can see that there are 6 people sitting around the table. Sometimes they are silent and their faces show how concentrated they are. But sometimes they shout out some words loudly and simultaneously. Let me explain what’s happening: they are experiencing one of the most wonderful emotions now – an excitement when you are suddenly struck with the genius  guess!

If you feel like you still don’t follow, just keep on reading. Here go the rules of the Game. Just 3 fundamental ones.

The first and main rule is that you don’t need any specific knowledge! Whoever can come to the club and start playing: you just need some logic in your pocket.

The second rule is that after the Game Master reads the question (you are free just to listen to it or take your notes) you have 1,5 min to discuss it with your team and come up with the answer.

And the third rule is that like every team this one needs a captain. We are switching the captain for each question so that everyone can try it. And this is a challenging role. Because while all the team members generate ideas during this 1,5 min of the discussion the captain is the one who have to give the final answer, so (s)he has to listen very carefully to the team peers and pick up the right idea. But be aware! Game Master is not eager to give away the points since the game is over once one of the parties has reached 6 points. He will challenge the captain’s answer all the time long asking for additional explanations and trying to persuade to change the final answer.

That’s how  just in one hour you have fun and are trained to work in team, listen to your peers and think under time pressure!

But what kind of questions can the Game Master ask you?

45E114FA-5641-48E9-A8B2-1CFFF1E127C12Here is an example: “The character of the story written by Neil Gaiman starts to keep a diary on Monday, 28th. What day of the week it becomes obvious that the hero is insane?”

Ok, that’s quite an easy one! Have you already had an answer in your head? Then keep on reading to check it! All the information we have in the question is about dates, days of the week and diary (something that’s happening regular, probably every day). What can demonstrate the madness of the character? Something that’s not in line with the common knowledge. What can be wrong with dates and days? Well, one of the most obvious things is that the maximum number of days in month is 31. Starting with 32 shows that there is something wrong. Now it’s as easy as to count: Monday, 28th, Tuesday, 29th, … Friday. 32nd! So the correct answer is Friday!

Now let me ask you more difficult question: “In the XV century Chinese sailors installed buoys (empty barrels) outboard, and while floating past them, read the poem. For what purpose did they do it?”

The question takes us back to the XV century where there were not so many gadgets. So there were a lot of uncertainty during the trip. Let’s suppose that the sailors knew the distance between the buoys (it might be for example the length of the ship). But why were they reading the poem? Well, do you have a favorite one? Have you read it several times in public? Then you should know more or less how much time it takes you to read it out loud. So now we have the distance and the time. What the sailors could use it for? Now it’s pretty easy, just remember your physics classes at school! Distance divided by time gives you… speed! The Chinese sailors of the XV century were measuring speed of the ship in this beautiful way!

Was it difficult? Sometimes it is. But remember, that Mind Games is the team game! Here you are not alone, you are 6 people with different mind sets and you can build on each other’s ideas!

Hope you liked what you have just seen! We are waiting for you to join after the summer break!


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