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The World of Blockchain

blockchain [1]Thank you everyone for attending the event, it was a great success, we had a full-house!


Our guest speaker, Felix Moreno has opened a new world for us, the world of Blockchain. We discussed the economics potential, current instability and disruption potential of bitcoins. Felix demonstrated how easy it was to create your own wallet, and transfer bitcoins from one person to another, extremely fast, without any significate cost, to anyone in the world. Felix even gave away some Bitcoins to our audience, which we later used to buy some drinks at the Do-Eat cafeteria in MM31.


Felix talked to us about the immense amount of various bitcoin business out there, like Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin big data analytics, bitcoin vaults, bitcoin transfer platforms, bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin venture capital firms, micro payments with bitcoins, bitcoin lending, bitcoin trading and more. Bitcoins aside, the star of the night was the Blockchain, the platform on which bitcoins work. A sort of ultra secure, distributed, cryptographic ledger, which guarantees immutability to anything recorded within. We heard about the ever growing Blockchain start up ecosystem, and the still immense untapped potential of use cases and businesses which can be started on the Blockchain. VCs estimate that to-date more than 1 Billion USD was invested into the Blockchain start up ecosystem, though we have yet to see an IPO. No doubt, it could be yours! Our guests from Telefonica, EY, Grant Thornton and Banco Sabadell, learned about the way the Blockchain can transform and enhance the products and services which they are offering to their clients, world wide. The ultimate financial system platform has the potential to disrupt industries beyond finance. Medical record keeping, Real Estate, Personal IDs, Digital Asset Management, Patents, Logistics, Fine Arts, Diamonds, Drug Development and a lot more.


We promise to tell you more on our next events. Stay tuned to hear more from the IE BlockChain club.


Yours Truly,

Ali and Andres