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Written on January 5, 2016 by Campus Life in Professional, Social

ps1The Public Speaking Club recently hosted a session to help members overcome stage fright and nerves when speaking in public. Everyone present participated in the activities, and then we opened up the floor for a discussion so members could ask questions and share their own tips regarding how to overcome nerves. As board members, it has been great to see so many attendees from our weekly sessions improving so much throughout the course of their time with us!

Other recent weekly sessions to build presentation skills have included topics such as how to show confidence on stage, and practice with making eye contact.

The Public Speaking Club frequently varies the focus of our meetings so we can work on a variety of skills, from what you say to how you say it.

In recent weeks, we held sessions on vocal variety and on how to show passion when presenting. To work on voice modulation, participants practiced emphasizing certain words in their speeches, with the audience guessing what the most important parts of each speech were supposed to be. This helped speakers better understand whether they were using pausing and vocal modulation well enough for the audience to correctly understand the main takeaways.

ps2In the second meeting, we discussed how to show passion in public speaking. Participants chose topics they love to discuss, and each practiced presenting their chosen topic. It was amazing to see how much passion people were able to naturally show when they truly cared about a subject! 

We also recently ran several sessions that focused on content. For example, we practiced presenting with PowerPoints, where the speakers had to improvise because they did not know what was on the upcoming slides. This was a great way for participants to practice improvising in a business setting.

We also recently welcomed a classmate who would be presenting at Area 31. He practiced his elevator pitch for us, and club members gave feedback ranging from content to word choice to posture. We welcome similar requests to practice presenting for important presentations!

The Public Speaking Club has been gaining increasing membership, and we are looking into adding an additional day of practice each week so all participants can have a chance to practice speaking. Stay tuned for an announcement with the details.

We would also like to officially welcome our new board members – Joaquín Garralda Monereo, Idowu Adesina, Vincent Thielke, and Shuvojit Sengupta –  and congratulate our outgoing board members – Amy Seibel, Karoline Johanna Müller, and Daria Aleshina – on their graduations!

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