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IE Partners Club update

partners4Lego event this week had a small change in methodology. We wanted the children not only to play with lego, but also to draw on the board what they are creating while we can teach them something about the alphabet and certain letters.

First we draw basic geometric shapes: square, circle, triangle and rectangle and we encourage children to seek between these figures in lego pieces. Then we asked children to tell us a letter so we can draw on the board and choose a word beginning with that letter. They chose F (flower), D (door) and P (pencil). Each of the children built with lego the words they picked and then drew them on the board.

We all had fun while kids combine various recreational activities and, as always, learn something new.

Last Friday we had the opportunity to meet the new members of the group. We went for a delicious lunch to Gastromaquia Restaurant where we spent a great time talking and knowing some new partners. We could explain all the activities the club has, for adults and kids, and some of the futures plans. We are very glad to see how more and more members join us in the different activities we have.

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