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Why ‘Math Men’ are the new ‘Mad Men’?

IMG_4182Following an invite from IE Lebanon and IE Marketing Club, the Omnicom CEO from MENA region, Mr. Elie Khouri has visited IE Business School, 25th of February, and gave us an insightful spotlight on the disruption, currently happening in the Advertising Industry.

Omnicom Group is the 2nd largest communication and advertising network worldwide, with headquarter in New York and accounting for revenues of 15 billion USD annually. Their group includes best-in-class, renowned advertising agencies like BBDO, DDB worldwide, and TBWA.

If we think creative agencies, we probably have this picture of crazy ideas and charismatic influencers in mind, like those drawn in the ‘Mad Men’ TV drama. But the days have changed and the lines have blurred between clients, customers, agencies and the media owners. In example, more and more advertising campaigns using real-life content, generated for almost free, from crowdsourcing the targeted consumers, instead of creating imitating imagery, down from expensive Hollywood Studios. Moreover, Mr. Khouri’s stated that user-generated content is even better to remember and considered as more credible than any other content, prefabricated by advertising agencies.

IMG_4268 [1]Following his presentation, Mr. Khouri gave us insight why Math Men are the new Mad Men and to what extent even consumers might be replaced by algorithms in near future. Today data is in the heart of everything and we know more about the consumer from the digital tracing than from asking questions. New professions are born, such as Data Analysts and Engagement Managers.

Moreover, Mr Khouri shared the story of his success in an interview session with our second guest, Mr. Ricardo Karam, who is a well-known talk show-host in the Middle East region. There, the Omnicom CEO gave us encouragement and guidance for our careers. He noticed that for keeping pace with the fast changing world one of the most important characteristics is being agile and able to adapt to the uncertainty of the future.

We are pleased about the strong resonance of our event, that included visitors from the Lebanese Embassy and a large portion of diverse students from our programs at our university. Therefore, looking forward for the next collaboration with our IE Student Clubs and Campus Life, who well supported the facilitation of this event.

IE Marketing Club & IE Lebanon Club Madrid Chapter