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Jardin Botanico [1]

In this beautiful summer the Partner’s Club arrange a visit to The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, an 8-hectare botanical garden located at Murillo Square, in front of the Prado Museum [2]. There we can know many different plants, fruits and flower growing in the nature. It was really beautiful to see the vegetation you have in this garden, some of there from other countries. As always we have a lot of fun and we could learn something about this amazing place.

The garden was founded on 1755, by King Ferdinand VI, and installed in the Orchard of Migas Calientes, near what today is called Puerta de Hierro, on tJardin Botanico2 [3]he banks of the Manzanares River. It contained more than 2,000 plants. The herbarium [4] is the largest in Spain, and has now has over a million specimens.[1] [5]

Since 1939 the garden has been dependent on the Spanish National Research Council [6] (CSIC) and in 1942 was declared Artistic Garden [7]. Today’s garden is divided into seven major outdoor sections and five greenhouses [8]. Total collections include about 90,000 plants and flowers, and 1,500 trees. It also contains a substantial herbarium [4].

The garden’s two greenhouses are divided into four rooms. The Graëlls greenhouse dates from the nineteenth century and exhibits tropical plants and bryophytes [9]. The newer structure supports three climates: tropical, temperate, and desert.

The herbarium was established in 1846, and now contains about a million specimens from around the world organized into two collections: phanerogams [10] and cryptogams [11].[1] [12]


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