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Marketing Day “Sweet Data”

MKT Day 1 [1]On June, 2016, the Marketing Club, joined efforts with Big Data Club, to raise the bar of the Marketing Day event, calling it “Sweet Data”: The charms and challenges of data driven marketing; in order to answer, how companies adjust their global strategy to their local markets? And how to obtain the greatest value from data? These questions were solve through a series of discussion panels and one mystery speaker.MKT Day 2 [2]

The first panel was formed by Armen Avakin from Garrison Group; Ignacio Entrena, Johnson & Johnson; Rosa Piorno, P&G and Diego San Roman, Microsoft in which agreed, data is not only about understanding the customer with their environment, but is crucial for having an advantage in  a competitive market. In words of San Roman, “you do not win, until you sell.”


The second panel gave insights for extracting the best value from the information. It was integrated by Marc Lladó from Ad-Pure; Luis Martín, Barrabes; Cesar Moreno, Blue Insights and Cristina Rojo, Nielsen. The discussion entered the audience in a journey from cluster formation analysis to automatize data analytics, positioning the person has the main source of data. As Cristina Rojo explains it, “the process always begins adopting the perspective of the customer, learning to adapt by becoming smarter.”

MKT Day Team 1 [3]


The event ended reveling the mystery speaker. His name is James Burton, Director of Possibilities from HeroX, Silicon Valley. The company was co-founded by XPRIZE founder, Peter Diamandis as a platform to incentivize challenges around the world for creating new solutions.