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Red Bull X Fighters Training Session

For the Entertainment Industry Club, our motto is “go big or go home” so for our last event of the year we had something truly special prepared for our group members… An exciting experience that had never before been done at IE which would allow the year to end with an adrenaline-filled adventure. We got a sneak peak of Red Bull X Fighters before the big event in the Plaza de Toros of Madrid.RedBull16 [1]

By special invitation only, our group was escorted through the historic building (who many of our guests were visiting for the first time) from the Media VIP Room where we were treated to cans of the latest flavors of Red Bull to the box seats where an explanation of all that goes into planning such an event and the strategy followed to turn ‘fans into cans’. RedBull6 [2]

Carlos and Luis, our Red Bull hosts, made sure to make us feel at home and were open to answering every questions the group had been wanting to ask Red Bull for years (specially those having studied or worked in the communication fields as Red Bull is always a source of inspiration to learn from).


The main event was the training session. For this we were lead to the lower half of the stadium where the group sat together thrilled and gasping in amazement at the talents and spectacle happening right before our eyes. Hands and feet off the bikes, flips and tricks, and of course hyping the crowd up as they paraded around the impressive stage. RedBull17 [3]RedBull10 [4]


 Another special thanks to our hosts and to our members for making it another great event and the perfect good bye!