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Jameson Whiskey Wednesday

Do you know the difference between whiskey, whisky, scotch, and bourbon? How does Ireland, Scotland, and Kentucky distill their whiskey differently? What is the impact on how the whiskey looks, tastes, and smells?

On Wednesday, 9 December, thirty-five IE Business School students, partners, and friends joined IE Wine, Spirits, and Food Club in collaboration with Jameson (Pernod Ricard) for an exclusive guided whiskey-tasting for at Restaurante FOX Madrid to celebrate the end of Term 1 for the September 2015 IMBA Intakewine,spirits [1] and usher in the holiday season.  Jameson Brand Ambassador of Spain, Serina Fogarty, led participants through an overview of the history of Irish whiskey, the production process, and a comparative tasting between scotch, American and Irish whiskey.

After an hour of discussion and tasting, we opened the floor up for networking and mingling with Jameson ginger ale and lime and tapas. Participants were able to get to meet students from other sections and welcome new students from the IMBA January intake.

As reflected in WSF Club mission, the Whiskey Wednesday event aimed to increase knowledge and appreciation of spirits and distillation within the IE community, as well as establish ties with local and global beverage and food brands. The social nature of the event also allowed students to meet and socialize outside of the classroom.