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Future Trends in Healthcare

healthcare [1]On June 14, 2016, the IE Healthcare Club hosted Juan Manuel Martín to discuss the future of healthcare across several industries. He is currently the Innovation Director at Doublethink SL and has many years of experience in healthcare at Pfizer among other companies.

Juan noted several emerging trends that will have a major impact on the healthcare industry for years to come. These included population growth, population aging, genetically-tailored treatments in personalized medicine, and the role of big data analytics in health.

As the population increases in many countries, public health costs will rise and cost-saving measures will only become more important. The group also discussed advances in technology and how these are reshaping the healthcare industry. Many companies are exploring personalized medicines rather than one-size-fits-all treatments. Finally, data analytics can play a role in health in the future by aiding medical professionals to quickly diagnose illnesses and track epidemics efficiently.

Students from the IMBA, MIM, and Big Data programs attended and participated in the discussion followed by an informal networking event with our speaker.