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Artsy freshness to the Madrileño heat!

1-ARCO [1]Committed to promoting cultural activities, the IE Arts and Business Club has organized a variety of visits to Madrid’s leading museums and fairs as well as to more alternative, artsy places. This way, IE students had the possibility to discover the rich cultural heritage that can be found in Spain’s capital during the spring and summer months. 4-Speaker event [2]

We visited the 35th edition of ARCO, one of the world’s leading contemporary art fairs, and did a gallery hopping tour in Madrid’s hippest area, Barrio de las Letras.

A few weeks later, we discovered Street Art in La Latina and rounded up the club’s activities with a Speakers and Networking event in MM31 before the summer break.

During these months, our members and students did not only meet artists, but also Madrid’s leading gallerists such as Elba Benitez.

The Arts and Business Club is happy to have been an enabler by bringing business students closer to art and making it more engaging, as well as having deepened the understanding about how arts and business can work together!