Life, sweat and salsa!

Written on July 14, 2016 by Campus Life in Social, Sports

Around early 2015, his regular doctoral student life is getting monotonous. One fine Tuesday evening, he decides to join the IE Dance Club salsa classes. His first class is a terror. He is not used to dancing with a partner. He is awkward. He is sweating profoundly. The girl dancing with him asks him to relax and let go. It doesn’t help. He doesn’t give up and returns to the class next week. He starts getting better. He gets selected for the IE Salsa team 2015 but cannot join. He is determined to continue learning at the IE Dance Club, get selected again next year and participate.

As luck would have it, he is one of the jury selecting the team 2016. As a jury member he sees the potential of the team selected. He doubts it may be unfair to join the team as he has not been selected through the jury process. The potential for the selected team and his partner’s enthusiasm allay his doubts. Due to participation criteria he cannot join the team for MBAT. He is joins the team of IESE Spring Games 2016. His partner drops out last minute. He searches for a new partner to dance with him in the team and starts afresh.

The team has 10 days to choreograph, learn and perfect the performance before the show. The team practices all over IE (LaunchPad, MM31 8th floor corridor) and all over Madrid (various studios), sometimes at odd hours. The team is a fighter. The team is doing a beautiful job of balancing academic and social commitments at IE and the dance practices. The team is battling class schedules to be available to travel to Barcelona for the competition. The team practices hard. The team practices fast. The team does not get exhausted.dance

The team gathers at the venue before the performance to prepare. He is not there yet. He is unreachable. In his head, he is walking towards the venue. Apparently he is lost and is walking in the opposite direction. He bumps into a known face who redirects him to the venue. He reaches the venue just in time. The team gathers together for one last word. The team is raring to go.

The team is on stage. The team is performing. The crowd is going ballistic. The performance is midway. The technology gives way. The team does not lose morale. The team keeps the crowd involved. The team starts with the performance again. The technology gives way again. This happens 2 more times. The team keeps going. The adrenaline keeps pumping. The team is on stage for 15 mins. The technology finally supports. The team finishes its performance. The audience notices the team’s absolute love for dance. The audience notices the team’s hard work. The applause does not stop. The team is soaking it all.

The team gathers together on the floor. The team dances together waiting for the result. The winner is announced. The team is felicitated in gold. The team is respectful to its competitors. The team celebrates with the competition. The team takes a round of pictures. The team disbands.

He continues salsa. He dances at the MBAT practices. He celebrates the MBAT team’s victory in Paris. He dances at the Latin party.

The team regroups for one final performance. The team shrinks. The team gets a new member. The team rechoreographs the same dance. The team relearns the same dance. The team perseveres. The team is dancing on home territory for the first time. The team performs. The team transmits. The team thrills. The team disbands again. The team will reunite again one day.

The team thanks IE Dance Club for bringing it together. The team thanks its audience for all the love. The team thanks Berna and Suzzane for being the backbone. The team thanks IE Campus Life for all the support.

The team is IE Salsa Adrenalina. The team is Kamayani, Lara, Marie, Olivia, Kareem, Manan, Arslan and Murillo. The team adds Juanjo. The team is everybody. He is nobody.


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