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Dinner with Miguel Lopez de Silanes

The Family Business Club organized a very insightful dinner on the 28th of April, 2016. We were honored to invite Miguel Lopez de Silanes, HBS MBA alumni and CEO of NEINVER (Family Office). The topic of the dinner was centered on conflict management in Family Businesses, and everyone had a chance to share their experiences.

Mr Silanes, expert in conflict management, gave us a very interesting introduction on his experiences on the topic. We really appreciated his willingness to share stories on conflict management, and to give thoughtful advice.

Afterwards, each one of us talked about our own experiences. The fact that the dinner was a small one, just 12 people, allowed our members to be comfortable sharing their thoughts. Throughout the dinner, we covered other aspects of a Family Business, with everyone contributing in a honest way, all with the guidance of our guest.

By the end of the event, we all came out feeling the satisfaction of sharing our experiences together, and we thank Miguel Lopez de Silanes for his support to the club.