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Your Time to Shine with the Public Speaking Club !

October 2015. Beginning of a new year at IE. Discovery of your new groupmates and, before your realize, you’re already about to present your first project in front of the class. Breathe. CLAP CLAP CLAP : Done ! You’ve survived it. This weird feeling when you realize how good everyone seems to be and how they all look like Public Speaking Masters already! This feeling of anxiety when you think about  your next presentation and remember the Gauss Curve : indeed, you’re gonna be graded according to the level of the class…ps3 [1]

The next thing you know : you’re registering as a member of the Public Speaking Club !ps [2]

And the following Tuesday, you are on stage in front of a small audience of IE students who just like you have decided to take this journey through the mysteries of Public Speaking.

« Grab audience’s attention with a catchy intro » « Give your speech a clear structure » « Say it easily : the shorter the better »… as times passes, you learn how to integrate small tips into your speeches to make impact. So excited ! You are definitely repeating on Friday !

With regular feedback and constructive criticism, you start identifying your strenghts and areas of improvement. With regular practice, you start improving on these areas and strenghts. Second term begins, you become comfortable with advanced sessions « Voice modulation : turn a speech into emotions », « Keep audience’s attention till the end », « Non verbal communication : use your body to support your words ». Tone of voice, body gesture, use of the space, eye contact, pauses… As time passes, you start to become natural mixing up these tools…

 ps4 [3]

April 2016. Beginning of the last term. Crazy how the year has been flying, it feels like yesterday that you started the Master and ruined your first presentation… No time for jokes, if you want to get a job you’d better apply now. Soon enough will start the never-ending interview processes. Awwww… how much you’d love to practice to be ready for your appointments…

 ps2 [4]

Continuously using the tools you’ve been learning in the past months, the Club moves on to professional-oriented workshops : « The power of negociation : get the best salary », « Elevator pitch : sell yourself in 30sec », « Group Dynamics »… you are ready to nail your interviews and get that relocation package you’ve been dreaming of before !And before you realize : July 2016. End of the Master. Tears, hugs. You’re definitely going to see these people again ! And while you leave the building, one last time for all, you can’t help yourself to pass by MM203. The safe space where you’ve challenged yourself. The room where you became a grown-up. The place you’ll hold in your heart for a lifetime. IE Public Speaking Club is proud and honoured to have been able to support the personal and professional grow of its members and coordinators.