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McKinsey: Talent Obsessed

Mckinsey [1]The first ieOut recruiting event with McKinsey took place at its offices with more than 25 candidates. Brian Rolfes, Partner, Global Recruiting at McKinsey & Company and Co-founder of GLAM did a very engaging presentation. He did not want to explain what it means to work at McKinsey, he preferred to focus on the importance to be ourselves.

There was also time for Q&A and for networking, where candidates could interact with him and with GLAM representatives from Madrid offices.

Brian started explaining why McKinsey was doing the effort to attract LGBT candidates to their firm and he stated that McKinsey only has two assets: Talent and Knowledge. This is why they need to get the best.

Further to him there are three main reasons for searching diversity:

He also dedicated some time to explain the benefits to be authentic and the advantages to sponsor GLAM at McKinsey: