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First Rugby 7s Championship

IMG_20161030_131413216 [1]Plus 25 degrees Celsius, beautiful Madrid skies and a warm welcoming sun…the conditions could not be any better for the first Rugby 7s championship of the 2016 – 2017 season organized by the IE Rugby Club that took place at CAU Metropolitano Rugby Club pitch this Sunday the 30th. Despite the Halloween weekend and the overwhelming fatigue from studying hard and partying harder, the IE players arrived in numbers forming two 7s sides and two coed touch sides and with contagious eagerness and energy to play their first match of the year and to welcome the newest members from the fall intakes. We were joined in this celebration of rugby by two spirited teams from IESE (both 7s and coed touch team), the mighty Lions from Madrid and the fast and furious team from IE University.

As always in 7s tournament things started fast by the IE Rugby team A, composed of more seasoned and experienced players, taking an early lead in the competition which they maintained until the end. Game went one after another, of course accompanied by good music, laughter, food and drinks: Lions presenting an experienced and “big” in a literal sense of the word (some big guys right there) challenge at every game; technical and lightning guys from IE university could not be contained, winning most of their games in a good show of skills and fitness; IE Rugby team B representing the meaning of resilience and hard work, and most importantly of becoming a real team, with some IMG_20161030_182042884_TOP [2]of the players having their first rugby game ever. Three very big cheers go to the coed touch teams, who despite most of them also playing rugby for the first time ever and with each other, showed an amazing set of skills and team coordination and most importantly fun. The highlight of the day, in full accordance with Spanish traditions of Madrid-Barcelona sports rivalry, was “el Classico” between IE Rugby A team and IESE 7s team – big and ferocious clashes, amazing solo sprints and saves and of course tries and tries and tries…what a game to watch, especially as the teams left the field saluting and congratulating each other in a good rugby traditions.

In the end, IE Rugby A Team with satisfaction of the well done tournament lifted the champions cup while IE University achieved the second place. The festivities though did not stop there but continued well into the night with the oldest and most prominent of all rugby traditions – the 3d half, where the teams had the opportunity to express their Halloween ideas and most importantly bond, sing and share few “war” stories over some well-deserved beers. IE Rugby Club would like to sincerely thank all the participating teams and fans, and especially the IE Campus Life team for their support in organizing what surely is the first of many more events from the IE rugby community.