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IE Chinese Gathering Dinner – Reunion

[1]On the 3rd December, IE China Club organized Chinese Alumni Dinner at SELFIE Restaurant in Madrid. Current students and some recently graduated students who work in Madrid got together and shared their experiences. China Club worked as a bridge which connected new students and alumni from different programs of IE University.

This event aimed to build and strengthen professional and personal network among IE Chinese students. The newly on board IE China Club President Un I Wong and Vice-president Sirui Huang emphasized the purpose of this event and presented several upcoming events of next year. The participants really appreciated this precious opportunity to share their study and work experiences, meet old people and make new friends especially at a lovely IE atmosphere in the restaurant.

We finished the night with a picture of all the participants holding a big IE flag. Indeed, we were overjoyed and content that the students who attended this event had a great time. Hopefully this dinner will remain as an excellent memory in the participants and also a wonderful memory with IE Campus Life.