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Loewe Factory Visit

[1]To begin the second term the Fashion Club visited Loewe Factory, a fashion brand with years of tradition and high quality standards. The event took place on the 8th of February and IE Talent and Careers was the co-coordinator of the event.

The visit was composed of three main phases: visit to the room where the leather is cut, visit to the production line and, finally, visit to Loewe’s private museum.

In the first room, the guide started by given the group a general description of the production system from the choice of the leather until the product is sold in Loewe’s stores. Besides, the guide gave the group an explanation regarding the way the machines work and the techniques used to cut the leather.

Moreover, the group saw the production line live. Loewe works with a specialization chain, in which each employee does a single thing of the final product. Although Loewe uses new technologies to facilitate the whole production activity, the process is still very artisanal and the attention to detail is key for the brand. The group saw all the steps of production of different models of handbags and got the big picture about how the Loewe’s factories are organized.

To finish the visit, the group went to the private museum of Loewe. The visit started with the guide talking with the group about the history of Loewe. Also, the group was given the opportunity to touch the products and feel the different types of leather. It was an amazing chance to see the evolution throughout the years, not only concerning the operational processes, but also in the design of Loewe’s products, ranging from home products to handbags, scarfs and prêt-à-porter.