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PerinolaPG Presentation by Helena Gil

[1]On April 5th the Fashion Club was honored by the visit of Venezuelan Fashion Designer Helena Gil.  Helena shared with our members her experience not only as a Fashion Designer but as an Entrepreneur. Additionally, she presented her brand PerinolaHG.

PerionlaHG was founded in October 2011 in Venezuela since its foundation the brand has focused in creating unique size, versatile, and high-quality pieces for women. PerinolaHG speaks to the young-spirited, authentic, and fun women.  

During the presentation Helena shared with us how was the brand created from the name to its international expansion. Perinola refers to traditional Venezuelan game, the name is the essence of the slogan behind the brand “because life is a game”. 

She also presented her latest collection Tèći and her master piece the “Tassel Dress”. The Tassel Dress has been part of collection since 2011 and it gained the first Venezuelan patent which protects the dress in any country of the world.   

Furthermore, she shared some stories about her. Helena closed her presentation telling us that Fashion has the power to transform people and   encouraging us to put all our passion in order to achieve our goals.       

Helena showed us the human side of Fashion