Angel Metodiev Angelov
Communication graduate, class of 2017
Works at IE Communications Department
From: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

“What language do you think in?”, people often ask me. And the answer is: it depends on “the world you are in” in that specific moment!

Speaking a language is more than just communicating; it’s about being part of a culture, it’s a sense of belonging, it expands your horizons, it enriches you and opens your mind to a whole new world. In this sense, every new language opens a new world in front of you, a world you are ready to explore!

I speak four languages: Turkish, Bulgarian, Spanish and English. Let me explain… I was born in Bulgaria, where my family has lived for many generations. But I have Turkish roots and we speak Turkish at home. However, when I was 8 years old my family left Bulgaria and immigrated to Spain. So, there you go: a new language and with it another “world” ahead of me. 8 years old and I already had three worlds to delve into!
Here it’s noteworthy to mention that I come from a humble background, but my parents have always told me that I need to have goals and a purpose in life and work very hard, fight and give my very best in order to fulfill them; they have set a brilliant example in this sense. That’s why I’ve always tried to do my best in everything I committed to. After studying in Spanish schools for ten years, I thought it was a good moment to expand my worlds by starting a new adventure: studying Communication at IE University.

Additionally, during the third year I could do my exchange semester in Leeds (England), where I was able to explore a new world and get to understand better its amusing culture, history and lovely people I will never forget.

At IE, I could also explore one of my biggest passions: videomaking. When I was 9 my dad bought me a video camera. I was thrilled! I loved making videos with my friends, especially horror “films” (if I may call them films). It was not just another world, but a whole new universe in which I could create my own worlds! And IE was the catalyst that would help me develop the technical and creative skills I needed.

I graduated from IE University in July 2017, winning the award for Best Final Project for my documentary film “Male Body for Sale”, where I explored the masculinity models used in male perfume advertisements and their effects in millennials’ perception of masculinity. This is the project I am most proud of so far, because after many months of hard work and dedication, where I interviewed marketing experts, film producers, sociologists and gender studies scholars, millennials and even a perfume actor in Paris, I was happy to see that my work was recognized by IE School of Human Sciences and Technology.

Thus, I believe that having a purpose and striving to achieve it, no matter how hard and impossible is seems at the beginning, is the key for success. Nothing should be taken for granted. And we should always be ready to open our minds to different worlds (cultures and people) in order to keep growing and enriching our own world.

Bio: Angel Metodiev works for the Communication department at IE. He is especially focused on the audiovisual side of the department, producing videos for the various schools at IE, including IE Business School, IE School of Architecture & Design and IE School of International Relations, in addition to IE Foundation and other departments.


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