Maria de la Peña
Responsible for Interlibrary Loan
From: Madrid, Spain

I love working with information, performing searches on internet and discover new things I’m interested on… and also I’m an avid movie goer and lover, and thus so from time to time I read film magazines, and back then I even had the chance to go to a two or three film press conferences and movie sessions for critics. When I had to decide what I wanted to study at university while talking with my cousins about the pros and cons of the careers I had in mind, with their help then I had it clear, Library and Information Sciences, it looked like the best way to combine both passions.

My goal while studying the career was to work at the archive of a production company or film magazine, and at that time my thought was that I’d NEVER wanted to work at a library as, even at college, it had that old book store, old woman with glasses falling down her nose and hushing feeling for me. But you never know what life has in store…

In 2011 after coming back from Sweden for my Erasmus and whlie finishing my Final Master Project, a very good friend of mine from college told me that her fellow time here at IE Library was coming to an end and that if I was interested in doing a fellow period. I thought that I could give it a try as it was a fellow period and in a very good place. Also as of yet I didn’t have any professional practice in libraries whereas in other areas I had, and being an information professional, of course I had to try everything I had the chance to in order to get to know as much as possible, because you know, professional deflection.

Then, when I started working at the IE Library was when things got interesting for me. Being here has shown me that it doesn’t matter how many experience you think you have (on anything), everything will have its twist. I learnt that libraries are not book warehouses, we have more of an information provider role if you want, and yes, libraries can have cutting edge technologies and having them has sense indeed.

That’s what I love the most of IE Library, it’s bet on technologies, which has shown me that resources now are everywhere and on every format. This has allowed me to represent the IE Library and IE as well in quite a number of places here in Spain and abroad as well while presenting our technologies such as My IE Library APP, the concept of Vertical Library, IE Tags Beat, Smart Libraries… I can assure that we are one of the first libraries on implementing those technologies and we have inspired others with them.

Also, on a more personal note, what I love not from the IE Library but from all IE is its international environment. I love travelling and meeting new people from all over the world, so I was really happy to be able to continue that here. I really love having such a close interaction with students, professors and staff and to exchange ideas or just a small talk, that’s one of the best parts of my job here for me. Of course everything can be up for improvement, but I think that the human touch never should be lost, and that we have it here. See you at the Library!

Bio: María de la Peña studied Library and Information Sciences at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), completing her master degree in Sweden at Borås University. While studding for her degree she worked on several internships on different companies, giving her a wider look and experience on librarianship, archives and documentation. In 2011 she started working at IE Business School Library; where she has been able to get experience on all the processes involving the library management such as cataloguing, acquisitions, circulation, interlibrary loan, communication or user training. She currently is developing a PhD on documentation at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a study on the last 40 years of documentation of the Latin American and Caribbean section of IFLA.



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