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Cracking the Case with Accenture

[1]The IE Consulting Club had yesterday the pleasure of teaming up with Accenture Strategy – Accenture Showcase Page to present another round of the Club’s case-cracking sessions on Campus.

In this occasion our guest speaker, Anton Riestra -Director for the Energy Sector- conducted a Company presentation, and introduced us to the main tech trends disrupting the Electricity Sector, such as Electric Vehicles. We finished with a real-life case on the same topic. We would like to thank him and Diana Mahecha Ramírez again for their time and insights on the company, strategy-related careers and tips to prepare for recruitment processes. The event was a success, reaching overcapacity! This would have not been possible without all the effort of the Club Coordinators Cem Özmen, Syna Fischer, Alvaro Rueda Arellano, Manuel Ehmann, Christian Leibold Abhyudaya Choumal on the one side; and Marina Moreno and María López Domínguez on the Accenture side. This also portrays the continued growth of strategic relationships with the consulting industry thanks to IE’s Career Services and IE Corporate Relations through Juan Oyarzabal Lodge, BEATRIZ GARCIA-BERNALT and Dean Price from IE Business School.

Thank you all!