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IE Cooking Club

[1]For the last month, the cooking club has been making different kinds of activities involving the preparation of meals of different countries such as United States, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, and Spain among others. In the beginning, we didn’t have too many many members of the club but each month the amount of joining members have been increasing month by month.

The purpose of doing activities in which students have to cook is because most of them live on their own without a cooking knowledge so the objective is that each one of this student can acquire the ability to cook what they like the most. During activities, we just not learn how to cook, we have lots of fun knowing new friends from all over the world and everything through a delicious dinner.

The way we manage to pick the meal we want to learn its preparation is by proposing cool ideas or by picking a country and selecting a typical meal of the chosen country.

Activities usually take place during the weekends so we cook a Saturday night, we learn to cook, we have a great time cooking and after the activity we normally go out to hangout.