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Speed Interview Event

[1]As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

So, the Recruitment Training Club launched its first ever Speed Interview Event where all members and participants were given the opportunity to test their interviewing skills. Inspired by the Speed Dating Event format, this activity allowed students to practice how they answer questions about their professional experience, under high levels of stress and pressure.

To make this activity as real as possible, students from the Talent and Development and Human Resources Master were asked to volunteer as the interviewers during the event because of their former experience in areas such as recruitment and talent acquisition.

All the participants who signed up for this event, the Interviewees, were given a list of competencies or behaviors that they would be tested on in advance, so they could “map out their STAR’s”. Or in other words, so they could prepare their answers in the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action and Result). The competencies that were chosen are the behaviors that companies today deem the most important. Such as leadership, adaptability, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The rules were simple;
1. Participants must prepare their answers in advance.
2. Participants would only have 5 minutes to answer each question.
3. After the set time, the whistle would be blown, and all the participants would rotate to their next seat where a new Interviewer would be waiting with a new set of interview questions.

This event was a success as 40 participants signed up to practice their interviewing skills! After the event, each participant received a feedback email so that they could learn and grow from this experience.

This event is what the Recruitment Training Club is all about and why it was created. The main objective of the Club is to support each other throughout the job-hunting process. As we know, it is a hard, exhausting, nerve-racking process, so they only way we can make it less stressful is to learn from each other’s experiences. What happened to you, can actually help me in the future!
The RTC strives to provide a space where all experiences can be shared and where former recruiters can show students from different sectors, how things are done in order for them to stay on top of all their job-hunting processes.

From the RTC board, we wish you all good luck in your future endeavors and hope you find your dream job.

Congrats to those graduating and happy summer to the rest!

The Recruitment Training Club