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EU- China Tourism Year

On September 25th, IE China Club along with China Club Spain, hosted ‘The EU – China Tourism Year’ Conference on Innovation and Digitization of the Chinese markets. The topic of discussion was insights into future opportunities in tourism between China and Spain. [1]

The China Club invited the General Director of Turespaña, Mr. Héctor Gómez. Director of Corporate Relations Director of IE, Antonio López de Avila. CEO of AsialinSpain-Ctrip Spain Destination and president of CHINA CLUB SPAIN, Jennifer Zhang. Sales director of EMEA, USA and ASIA in IBERIA, Head of Research of European Travel Commission.

During the event, the guests talked about the tourism digitalization. Mr. Gomez special emphasize the Digital Injection to be used in China.  Now, Ctrip is using a data control center to analyze all the patterns of foreign tourists. Iberia using data analysis to decide which route should be opened between China and Spain. Also, it´s very important to maintain a balance between online business and offline business.

In 2017, there are more than 130 million people travelling outside china, Spain has received more than 80 million tourists, but only 720 thousands of people are from China. The tourism between China and Spain has a very bright future.

Blog post by Haowei Gao