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Biometric Handheld Reader in Madrid Campus MM31Bis Building

IE University is working to improve the access to the different buildings on campus in an effort to ease the flow of traffic, and at the same time increase the safety the IE Community. To do so, we are launching a coordinated series of pilot programs across campus. As part of this program, starting on Monday November 12th, at the MM 31bis building we will launch a pilot program based on new technology: A Biometric Handheld Reader. This new tool has been placed in one of the three current turnstiles, and will speed up and ease general access to the building.

Registration is required for technical reasons, as well as for complying with data protection regulation, since your biometric data may also be processed for a limited period of time and for this purpose –and only for this purpose- with your express consent. Please speak with Reception for information on how to register.

The registration period will begin on November 12th, and will have the following schedule each day:

Please bear in mind that the ID Card will still work for access at each turnstile. Your ID Card will still be required for identification in other activities, spaces and for other purposes (printers). You will only need your hand to access to the building! We encourage you to participate with these brand new tools, so please register to help us in improving our facilities.