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Winter Indie City Music Festival at IE Creativity Center

On Friday, 1 [1]6th of November the walls in the IE Creativity Center were booming with sound. The evening started out with some impressive opening pieces performed by lead singer Alejandro Sansour, guitarist David Meshaka, bass player Irene Delgado and drummer Daniel Vermehren all members of the IE Music Club Segovia. Winter Indie City (WIC) music festival and IE Campus Life agreed to invite the talented band TUYA to perform at the IE Creativity Center. The band engaged over 40 students and guests with their remarkable technological tunes accompanied by numerous audiovisuals.Additionally, IE students volunteers from Music Club and Student Governent fundraised for #PanasForVenezuela by means of bringing refreshments.

WIC is an independent music festival that performs in different locations around Segovia. They invite artists and performers who they believe are authentic and original. For more information regarding WIC and their upcoming performances please visit: https://www.winterindiecity.com/